Call Forwarding Code Jazz

Call Forwarding Code Jazz For Girls:

If you’re looking for a call forwarding code for your cell phone, you’ve come to the right place. This post will go over some of the features of this popular service, including how to activate your call forwarding code and how to change your settings.

Once activated, call forwarding is as easy as entering your destination number. You can also change your preferences for missed calls and a dial tone that plays intermittently.

Dial *72:

The jazz call forwarding service allows customers to divert incoming calls to another number. All a customer needs to do to enable call forwarding is dial *72 and then enter the number of the person to who they want to divert the calls. The Jazz Call Forwarding service works much like sending a parcel to another person.

By dialing *72, users can set up a call forwarding service using their mobile phone. With call forwarding service, calls are forwarded to a voice mailbox or an alternate number. This feature is available only for prepaid customers.

To enable it, dial *72 and then enter the number that you want to forward. You will get a confirmation tone when you enter the number. You can also deactivate call forwarding by dialing *73. To cancel the call forwarding service, dial *72 again and follow the prompts.

Enter destination number:

You can use call forwarding to divert calls to your voicemail or an alternate phone number. It is a very convenient service for girls who don’t want to be bothered by unwanted calls. Just activate the service in your mobile phone’s settings or by entering your SIM code.


You can easily enter your destination number to have incoming calls forwarded to your preferred phone number. After you activate the service, you can even change your voicemail settings if you want. Another handy feature of this service is call divert, which works just like a parcel.

When someone calls your jazz number, they will automatically get a message. They will receive a call from the jazz number, and they will get a call diverted to the number of your choice. With this service, you simply dial one code and the call will be forwarded to the desired number. The process is very simple and easy to set up.

Intermittent Dial Tone:

Have you ever noticed a ding in your phone’s dial tone? Chances are, it is the Code Jazz. It plays a melody every time you get a call and you can deactivate it at any time. This feature only affects incoming calls and does not affect outgoing calls.

It is important to note that if you have this feature, you can receive calls on your landline. You can unsubscribe from the service by dialing *230*8# or sending a new message to 230.

Missed call notifications:

Cod Jazz call forwarding service offers a unique feature called Missed Call Alerts. This service will notify you of missed calls even if your phone is switched off or out of coverage. You can opt to receive these alerts by SMS, which will include the time and caller’s information.

Once you’ve received the alert, you can decide who to call back or delete the message. The alert will also let you know what time and date the call took place. Code Jazz call forwarding offers a missed call notification option for its prepaid subscribers. If you’re a prepaid customer, you can easily deactivate this service by dialing *180*1#.


This feature is only available for prepaid customers. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can also set up a call divert to forward your calls to another number. You can also customize the number for the missed call notifications.

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