Call Forwarding Deactivate Code Pakistan

Call Forwarding Deactivate Code Pakistan:

You can only activate Call Forwarding Service (CFS) on prepaid mobile phones. It is not possible to activate CFS on postpaid Pakistani mobile phones. The cellular operators leave a voicemail inbox when a call is forwarded to them. It does not cost more than the balance of your account, but you are charged monthly or weekly. Read on to learn more. Here are the benefits of CFS: So, read more about Call Forwarding Deactivate Code Pakistan to get information on it.

Zong call forwarding:

Zong call forwarding service is available for prepaid and postpaid customers of cellular operators in Pakistan. This service allows you to divert a call to another phone number, in case you are not available to receive the call. It is a free service that is available for all Zong prepaid and postpaid customers, who are connected to a Zong SIM.

The service has many benefits, including the ability to divert a call when you are in a meeting or busy. Zong call diverts service offers the ability to divert unwanted calls to any mobile phone. The subscription and deactivate codes are available for free.

The service allows users to set a preferred time and number for calls. It is easy to use and does not cost much. It works by inserting a special code that will send a text message to a phone number of their choice. To subscribe to this service, simply dial 2022. Activating this service is easy. You can enter the subscription code for Zong call forwarding in the network’s settings or on the Zong website.

You’ll then see a popup asking you to confirm the subscription. The subscription code will deactivate after a month of service. You can then enjoy your special time without worrying about who’s trying to reach you. There’s no need to worry if your partner is using a public phone.

Telenor Call Divert:

Have you ever been troubled by a missed call from your Telenor phone? Rather than answer, the operator will leave you a voice mail in your phone’s inbox, and you will never miss another call again! If you’re in a hurry and can’t find your phone, the Telenor call diverts code is your best friend. You can set up this service for free, and you can even deactivate it when you’re done.


This service is only available for Telenor prepaid customers. If you have an Android phone, you can enable this service right from the settings menu. So If you have a Keypad phone, it’s even easier. If you don’t have one of these phones, just make sure to customize the settings to get the service.

You can also find a list of Telenor call divert codes on the company’s website. However, you’ll need a unique phone number in order to activate this feature. Zong offers a similar service. This service allows you to forward your calls to a secondary number when you’re away.

Zong customers can opt out of receiving calls from unwanted numbers by dialing the number 2022. You can even set your call to divert code to block calls from certain numbers. If you’re not a Zong customer, you can opt out of this service and still receive phone calls on your secondary number. Moreover, Zong is one of the few mobile operators in Pakistan that provides a free service.

Mobilink Call Divert:

If you are one of those who are annoyed by receiving unwanted calls on your mobile, you might want to deactivate the Mobilink call divert feature. To do so, simply dial *188# or enter the appropriate code. Then, you will receive a confirmation message from the help center. This feature is free for all prepaid subscribers.

Mobilink Jazz Balance Share is one such value-added service. It is available for prepaid subscribers in all areas of Pakistan. This feature is available on many phones, but most cell phones come with the option to activate the call divert feature. This feature can be activated in your mobile settings or through your network’s website.

After you have enabled the call to divert feature, you can select the number from which you would like to receive calls. This feature will allow you to forward the calls to a cell phone that you designate or any other number you choose.


Another great feature of this service is its availability on all cellular operators in Pakistan. Customers of both prepaid and postpaid plans can enroll in this service. To set up call forwarding, you will need to have a Zong prepaid SIM card. You can also activate call divert using your busy mode or Don’t Pick Call Mode. You can even opt for a specific time or day to receive calls.

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