Call Forwarding From BSNL Landline to Airtel Mobile

Call Forwarding From BSNL Landline to Airtel Mobile:

There are a few steps that you must follow to activate and deactivate call forwarding from your BSNL landline to your Airtel mobile. Read on to learn how to activate call forwarding in BSNL and the charges that are associated with it.

In addition, you should know how to set up a call divert on your mobile. Once you have followed these steps, you can enjoy call forwarding from BSNL landline to Airtel mobile with just a few clicks.

Activate call forwarding:

To activate call forwarding from the BSNL landline number to Airtel mobile, you have to first sign up for an account with a new mobile service. Then, enter your mobile number into the required fields to activate call forwarding. Activate call forwarding from BSNL landline to Airtel mobile service by dialing *72 and entering the number of the person you want to forward calls to.

  • Once the account has been verified, you can activate your call forwarding service from the BSNL landline to your Airtel cell phone.
  • If you have never used this service, you should first sign up for the prepaid plan with the same provider.
  • Make sure that you have a handset that supports call forwarding before activating your account.
  • To activate call forwarding from BSNL landline to Airtel mobile, follow the instructions provided below.

Deactivate call forwarding:

Deactivate call forwarding from BSDL landline to Airtel mobile if you don’t want your calls to be diverted to another number. Call forwarding is a useful feature on most phones, and it’s easy to enable it and deactivate it whenever you want. Here’s how to do it.

  • To activate it, dial **61* and enter the number of seconds before the call is forwarded.
  • The number must be multiple of five seconds.
  • Then tap the call button to activate the service, and wait for a confirmation message.
  • You can also deactivate the service by typing ##61#.

To deactivate call forwarding from BSNL, simply dial the corresponding USSD code to check the status of your call forwarding. The code is available via the internet, as well as through your smartphone. The code is given below. If you have a landline phone, use the number ‘*21#’ to activate the facility. In addition to this, enter the international country code (00) before the contact number.

Charges for call forwarding in BSNL:

You can activate and deactivate the charge-free call forwarding facility on your BSNL landline. You can divert incoming calls to an alternate number. It is free if you are using an unlimited free voice plan or STV. Otherwise, you will be charged as per your voice tariff. Activation is instant and you can activate the service by dialing *401.


To activate the service, go to settings, Application, Call, and select the BSNL landline. You will see three options under call forwarding. Select the first one that suits your needs. You can also access popular pages to access the calls. Then, select the call forwarding option from the menu. After that, you will be charged a minimal amount of money for each call.

Setting up a call divert on your mobile:

If you want to receive calls on your Airtel mobile phone from your BSNL landline, you can set up a call divert. Using the Airtel app, you can do it in two easy steps: enabling the feature and navigating to your phone’s settings. To deactivate it, simply dial USSD code ##002#.

Or, you can turn off the call forwarding feature on your phone. In most cases, this service is free. BSNL users can also set up a call divert from their landline to their Airtel mobiles by dialing 114, followed by the number they wish to forward the calls to.

When the redirection is done, they will receive an acceptance tone and can confirm it by dialing 115. Customers of Airtel can do the same by dialing **21*. Then, they can enter the alternate number in the appropriate field. Customers of Reliance can process the activation within minutes by dialing *401.

Canceling or removing call forwarding in BSNL

You can activate or remove call forwarding in the BSNL landline and Airtel mobile by dialing the deactivate or activation code in the respective fields. For example, to activate call forwarding in BSNL landline to Airtel mobile, dial *141# or ##121#. To deactivate the call forwarding, dial *401# from your Airtel mobile.


If you are using a landline with a BSNL mobile plan, you can use call forwarding to divert incoming calls to an alternate phone number. To activate call forwarding on Airtel, dial *61# and add a certain number of seconds, e.g., ten seconds, twenty-five seconds, or whatever you like.

Wait for the confirmation message, then press the call button. If you no longer want to use call forwarding, you can also deactivate the service by dialing *61#.

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