MTN Number Busy Code

How to Reverse Call Forwarding For MTN Number Busy Code?

If you’ve got a busy code on your MTN phone and want to change it, here are a few things you should know. MTN call forwarding is a free service, but you may have unknowingly activated it. You’ll incur some charges, but they’re not unusually high. Follow the steps below to reverse the setup. But first, be sure you have an active line because you’ll need to change the number’s default forwarding settings. Read the article to get information on MTN Number Busy Code.

Cancel call forwarding:

You can easily cancel call forwarding for MTN Number Busy code. You only need to dial ## 002# to cancel this service. This process is completely free. You might have accidentally activated call forwarding on your MTN number without realizing it. It can be extremely annoying to your callers, slow down incoming calls, and even waste a credit. To cancel call forwarding for MTN Number Busy Code, you need to know the correct code.

MTN call divert is a special feature that all MTN subscribers can activate and use. It redirects calls to another number that you specify. So, it can be another telecom company. It will cost you a fee if your call is forwarded to an international number. This service is particularly useful if the phone line is busy and you cannot pick it up. It’s also useful if you are away from home and don’t want to deal with answering calls from family and friends.


To cancel call forwarding for MTN Number Busy code, follow these simple steps: Open the Phone app and select the Settings page. Next, you need to select the SIM card from which you want to block the call. If you have two SIM cards, repeat these steps for each one. Then, disable calls divert one by one. It is a great way to get back in control of your calls and stay in touch with your contacts.

Cancel call diverting:

How to cancel a call diverting on an MTN number? Simply navigate to Settings on your phone. Scroll down to call settings and click “Cancel call diverting on MTN number busy code”. This will let you change how many calls are diverted each minute. You can also set call forwarding. This will forward your calls to another number if you do not answer your phone. However, you must remember that you are responsible for the charges incurred while using call forwarding.

When a call arrives on an MTN line with a busy code, you can use this service to forward it to another number. This is a free service, but if you have an MTN contract, you may have to pay for the call. This will depend on your current rate. If the line is busy, you can opt to forward the call to voicemail for free. Otherwise, the call will be diverted to another number with the same number.

To stop call forwarding on MTN, dial the ## 002# code. This can be a hassle-free process, especially if you haven’t made the switch yourself. This service may have been activated by accident. You can’t afford to keep it on if you do not want to be disturbed by it. And while it’s free, you will be charged some amount if the call continues. The charges are not outrageous.

Cancel call forwarding on MTN:

If you’ve ever wanted to cancel call forwarding on an MTN number, don’t worry. The process is simple and free. All you need to do is dial ## 002 to deactivate call forwarding on the MTN number. After deactivating call forwarding, you can activate it again by dialing the same code. You can even change the number to divert calls from a specific cell phone number.

Before canceling call forwarding on the MTN number, make sure you check the rates before activating it. If you’re on PayAsYouGo, the calls will be free to divert, but if you’re on a contract, you’ll be charged for the first call. However, if the number you’re diverting is a Glo number, you’ll have to pay for all calls billed to that phone number.

To deactivate call forwarding, dial *73. You’ll receive two short tones. When you answer, your phone will ring, but you can cancel it by dialing *72. Otherwise, you can also dial *70 to deactivate call forwarding. And when you’re busy, you can cancel call forwarding by dialing *73. Once you’ve deactivated call forwarding, dial *71 again to activate it.

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