How to Activate Call Forwarding on MTN Lines

How to Activate Call Forwarding and Call Divert on MTN Lines?

This article will guide you through how to activate call forwarding and call divert on your MTN line. There are several advantages of call divert and forwarding codes. They are useful when the line is busy, unreachable, or when the person you are calling doesn’t pick up the phone.

Here’s how to activate the service and use it to its full advantage. It’s free to activate, but you may incur charges if you use the service to a number other than your own. The cost will depend on the destination phone number and your MTN tariff rates.

Activate call forwarding on MTN line:

Activating call forwarding on MTN lines is a great way to receive calls from friends and family members. However, you have to know how to deactivate it. It is free, but you will have to dial a certain code to cancel it. To deactivate it, dial ## 002#. If you do not want your phone to forward calls to another number, you can deactivate it by dialing the same code.

  • To activate call forwarding, dial *72 and enter your destination phone number.
  • You can also deactivate call forwarding by dialing *73 and selecting your desired destination.
  • Calls forwarded will ring normally when received, but long-distance and toll calls will be charged according to your plan’s terms.
  • In addition, to call forwarding, you can change its destination at any time. To activate it, you must have a dial tone and a list of ten-digit numbers. Dial *63 followed by the destination phone number.
  • When the destination number is not available, a fast busy tone will be heard.
  • Note: You cannot activate call forwarding if your line is in prison or payphone.

Features of Call Forwarding:

Call forwarding is a great way to manage missed calls. It’s convenient to have a second phone line and never miss a call. You can also activate call holding on your MTN line. By pressing the green button, you can automatically switch to another call and keep the first caller on hold.

You can even use a call divert code to manage your missed calls. You can use call forwarding on MTN lines for both personal and business use. So, you can leave a comment below with any questions or feedback on the matter. To enable call forwarding on the MTN line, you need to contact your provider.

They will provide you with instructions on how to activate this feature. However, it’s important to note that the charges charged by MTN for calls to MTN phones are not the same as for calls to other networks. The rates for diverted calls will be billed based on your price plan. Once you have activated call forwarding on your MTN line, you can easily continue using it for other purposes.

Activate call divert on MTN line:

Activating call diverts on MTN is a convenient way to receive incoming calls while away from your main phone line. It allows you to receive calls when your main line is busy, unreachable, or not picking up. Simply dial the relevant code and the call will be routed to the specified destination number.

You can also deactivate the service. MTN call divert is free, but you might incur charges based on the destination number and your MTN tariff rates. To deactivate call divert, you must use the same dial codes as you used to activate it. This means that you can’t just press the action button.

If you don’t have the action button, you can press the 3-dot menu button. In the Activate call divert menu, select the phone number that you want to forward calls to. You can also set call to divert to receive calls when you are busy, in airplane mode, or have no signal.


Activating call forwarding is an excellent way to avoid missed calls and improve communication. By setting up call forwarding, you can redirect your incoming calls to another number or save them as recorded messages.

Another option is to activate the call divert service on your secondary phone so that you can receive calls from multiple numbers simultaneously. This way, you can multitask and take care of client concerns while you talk to a colleague.

Activate call forwarding on the MTN line. To set up call forwarding, dial the number ## 002# on your MTN phone. If you wish to disable the call forwarding feature, you should dial ## 002# instead. If you’re not satisfied with the forwarding feature, you can always deactivate it by calling MTN and indicating your desire to cancel it.

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