BSNL Call Divert Tricks

BSNL Call Divert Tricks:

Activate and deactivate a BSNL call divert number. You can also learn how to dial a BSNL’special number’ or ‘hidden number’. You can also unmask your caller ID if you wish to receive calls from unknown numbers.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you can receive all important calls on your secondary phone number. This article will explain how to do all three of these things and many more.

Activate & deactivate a BSNL call divert number:

How do I activate and deactivate a BSNL call forwarding number? You need to activate it from the settings menu on your mobile phone. To do so, you can dial *21** Mobile Number# or ##62#. Your phone will then display a message to confirm that you want to activate call forwarding.

Once activated, you can deactivate the service anytime. Once activated, you can choose to forward incoming calls to the mobile or landline of another person. When someone calls your number, they will think they’ve called the primary number. If they don’t, they’ll think they’ve called the secondary number.

Activating a BSNL call forwarding number is free and will not cost you anything extra. Then, you can set up a different number for receiving calls, such as your work phone, mobile, or landline.

Dial a BSNL’special number’:

You can set your phone to forward incoming calls to another number when you are away. This free service lets you forward calls to other landlines and mobiles and works on all network types. In addition, it can help you when your handset doesn’t work, or you’re too busy to answer the phone. Besides, it’s also helpful if you are a victim of prank calls.


To activate BSNL’s missed call alert service, you’ll need to go to your phone’s settings. To do this, navigate to the System App Settings or Apps. If you don’t see the service, open the Settings application and tap on “Calls” and then “Notifications.”

Activate & deactivate a BSNL’hidden number’:

There are many ways to activate and deactivate a BSNL’s hidden number call divert trick, but here is a quick guide to help you get started. Activate a BSNL’s hidden number call divert trick by dialing *62#, then press the call button. A message will appear on the screen indicating that the service has been activated. If you wish to deactivate the service, simply dial *401.

  • Activate & deactivate BSNL’s hidden number call divert trick by dialing activation and deactivation codes.
  • You can also switch off the service from your phone’s settings.
  • This method is convenient because you can still use your phone while waiting for an important call.
  • However, it is important to note that you should only activate a hidden number call divert trick when it is needed.

Unmask caller ID:

If you’re concerned that someone is spoofing your number, then you can use one of the many BSNL calls divert tricks. This method involves cloning your SIM card using a wireless or hardware tool. Then, you can call the number and have it displayed to you. These tricks are not free and will cost you some money. However, they do work very well and will help you avoid annoying phone bills.

Re-allot a BSNL’special number’:

If you’ve lost your BSNL’special number’, you can try to re-allot it. The process is simple. First, you need to apply. Then, you must submit the required documents. After completing the formalities, you will be issued the number that you want.

There are a few other steps that you can take if you’re unsuccessful in getting your desired number.

  • You can do this by dialing 110.
  • You must also have your BSNL’s special number ready.
  • Then, you can go to your home or office and choose a re-allotment plan that suits your budget.
  • If you’ve already activated your BSNL’s mobile, you can recharge it with the appropriate validity recharge plan.
  • Then, you have to submit your request to the IN Billing in charge and CSC in charge.
  • The charges will review your request to determine if it’s technically feasible.

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