BSNL Call Forwarding Code

Activate & Deactivate BSNL Call Forwarding Code:

Activating or deactivating your BSNL call forwarding code is as simple as typing the code on your phone. Activation of this service is absolutely free for you, as long as you have a BSNL landline. Activation and deactivation of this service are similar for both landline and mobile. You can also change your BSNL call forwarding code to another one if you want.

Activate & deactivate BSNL call forwarding:

If you are looking for ways to deactivate or activate your BSNL call forwarding, this article will help you out. You can find the activate & deactivate BSNL call forwarding codes in the table below. The deactivation code works with USSD codes and is a more convenient option than using your telephone’s settings. It will allow you to easily switch between calling a landline or mobile phone.

  • To stop call forwarding on a BSNL mobile phone, use the USSD code or MMI code for your network service provider.
  • You can disable the feature by dialing the designated numbers and waiting for confirmation.
  • Activation codes work on most mobile phones and are accessible on both landlines and cellular devices.
  • If you decide to stop the service altogether, simply use the deactivation code to terminate it.
  • After activation, you can switch off call forwarding at any time.
  • You can either activate it permanently or only for selected times.
  • To deactivate call forwarding, you can dial *716000 or *726000.
  • You can use the latter to deactivate call forwarding when you are busy or unavailable.
  • And when you’re not available, you can use the latter to forward calls to another number.

Activate & deactivate BSNL call divert:

You can easily activate and deactivate BSNL call divert codes from your mobile. This feature forwards incoming calls to your home or LL without having to pay anything extra. However, call charges apply depending on the plan you choose. So, it’s a good idea to check the plans before making any changes. Activate & deactivate the BSNL call divert code correctly to ensure your incoming calls go where you need them.


You can activate and deactivate BSNL call divert codes several times. The telephone exchange provides this service to customers, but you control the service. The monthly service charge is 150 rupees. The advantage of using this feature is that incoming calls can be diverted to your mobile number without a phone number change. Besides, incoming calls can also be diverted to your existing mobile number.

Once you’ve activated your call forwarding service, you can deactivate it by dialing a special code. The first deactivation code is ##21#, and the second deactivation code is BSNL called divert USSD. Both codes are valid, and you’ll need to know which one you’d prefer. You can also deactivate the call divert code if you no longer want to use it.

Activate & deactivate BSNL call divert service:

How to activate and deactivate BSNL call divert services? You can activate and deactivate the service from the settings of your phone. BSNL call diverts service is completely free for all customers. However, if you want to switch to another network, you will have to pay for calling charges as per your plan. Read on to learn more about activating & Deactivate BSNL Call Divert Services.

You can activate and deactivate your call divert service in the same way as you activate your call forwarding service on the phone. In a landline, all you have to do is enter your landline number in the mobile number field. After you’ve done that, you can deactivate the service anytime you wish to stop receiving calls from that number.


If you don’t want to receive calls from a certain number, you can activate and deactivate the BSNL call divert service for that number. You can also use the BSNL call divert service to send unanswered calls to voicemail. Activating the call forwarding service on a BSNL phone is as simple as using a menu tab. To deactivate the BSNL call forwarding service, you should enter a code corresponding to the number of numbers you’d like to forward calls to.

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