Call Forwarding Code Pakistan

Call Forwarding Code Pakistan:

Using a Call Forwarding Code to call Pakistan is a great way to make a long-distance phone call. With over 2500 locations nationwide, you can find a service that offers call divert service to any country in the world.

All telecom networks provide this service, but some are better than others. Read on to learn more about Call Forwarding Code Pakistan. And don’t forget to try out the free trial, too.

Zong Call Forwarding Code 2022:

The Zong Call Divert Service is a free service available to all Zong subscribers. This service allows subscribers to divert their calls to any number of their choice. To activate this service, subscribers simply dial the subscription code 2022. Once subscribed, the service will continue to work as normal. There are two types of subscription codes for Zong Call Divert:

  • Unsubscription
  • Subscription.

Both of these codes have a validity of 10 days. You must have a Zong prepaid SIM card to avail of this service. After setting the code, you should be able to divert calls to your prepaid Zong number. Then, you can set the service to “busy” or “don’t pick up” mode.

The process to Call Forwarding Code Pakistan:

The process is easy and free. Just dial **67*Number# and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also set up call forwarding if your number is blocked or unlisted. Apart from letting you divert calls, Zong has also developed an option for you to divert SMS messages.


You can activate this service by dialing 61*Mobile No.# or 62*Mobile No.# and you will receive a notification of the call. Zong Call Divert Call is available for prepaid customers as well, and charges are minimal. After a month, the plan will deduct a few rupees from your account. This service is a great help for people who want to divert unwanted SMS and calls from their phones.

Telenor Call Divert offer:

Have trouble answering your phone? You can deactivate Telenor Call Divert and have it sent to your voicemail instead! This is a great feature for busy people! You can even get your calls forwarded from one number to another.

The service is free and available to all prepaid customers of Telenor. Simply enter the code to the right of your phone number and the service will take care of the rest. The service works with any prepaid or postpaid phone number. If you aren’t at home, you can divert your phone calls to another number.

You can use the service to get rid of annoying prank calls. You can even receive incoming calls while in a meeting! It’s free to sign up and works with any phone service in Pakistan! Just make sure you have a prepaid SIM to take advantage of Telenor’s call forwarding services.

All telecom networks offer call divert service:

A call diverts service is an excellent way to forward calls to a different phone number. This service is provided by all telecom networks in Pakistan. Using the service, you can set up a secondary number to receive calls while you are not available.

The good thing about this service is that you can use it for any number, not just your primary one. You can set up this service through your phone settings. To activate this feature, dial *121# and input the number you want to receive.


If you want to cancel the service, dial *002# and enter your desired number. You will be charged for call divert in accordance with your tariff package. VoiceMail is not charged for call redirection. You can also use a call divert service to forward calls to a landline without a landline.

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