Jazz Incoming Call Power Off Code

Mobilink Jazz Incoming Call Power Off Code:

If you’re looking to switch to another phone service, you can try the Jazz Call Forwarding Service. The Jazz Call Forwarding Service lets customers divert calls to a different jazz phone number. To set up this service, customers simply dial **21*your number#. So, read more to get information on this Jazz Incoming Call Power Off Code.

Calls from this phone number will be diverted to the number you specify. Once you’ve set it up, you can begin using the Jazz Call Forwarding Service.

Mobilink Jazz Call Forwarding Service:

If you are using the Mobilink Jazz Call Forwarding Service, you can easily divert all incoming calls to voicemail. In addition, you can also divert calls to a second connection or another local number. The key to using Call Forwarding is to set it up with a code that will activate it automatically.

Once activated, the code will direct calls to your new destination number. To enable this feature, you need to select the plan that offers the most data. For instance, the Jazz Weekly Data Offering includes 2.5 GB of data per week, and the plan automatically ends at noon.

If you are working from home, this package is best for you. You can keep in touch with the office even when you are away from the office. Jazz offers a variety of data packages, including unlimited calls and texts. The Jazz Call Packages are affordable and efficient. They provide enough minutes to last for a month.

Features of Jazz Call Forwarding Service:

In addition, Jazz customers can take advantage of the super advance feature, which is available for a minimum credit of Rs 30. You can also enjoy a special package for a small fee. Jazz Gold Prepaid customers can get a super advance from Rs 30. For a small fee, you can get an additional 50 minutes.

  • To deactivate Jazz Call Forwarding Service, enter a code to turn off the service.
  • Some networks may deduct the balance without informing you. In such cases, you should call the Jazz Helpline to deactivate unwanted services.
  • This will prevent you from receiving unwanted calls from unknown numbers.
  • It will also help you to track your packages.
  • You can use this code to receive the latest information on your package.

Mobilink Jazz offers a missed call alert feature for its users. It will send you SMS alerts when you get a missed call. To activate this feature, you should simply dial the subscribe code: *180*1#. Then, follow the instructions to get the new phone. By doing so, you’ll be able to warn your guests when they’re back on the network.

Mobilink Jazz Call Divert:

The Mobilink Jazz Call Forwarding Service allows you to redirect all incoming calls to another number on your network. With this service, you will be able to forward all calls to any other local number by dialing the specific code. In addition, this service works with two connections, so you can have different numbers on each. To set up the Call Forwarding service, you simply need to enter the code, which is also included with your SIM card.

The Mobilink Jazz Call Packages come with conference calling. This service is an excellent option if you want to hold a discussion with more than one person. The service is known as the Jazz group call, and it is the easiest way to coordinate with partners who are not in the same place. You can hold the meeting at any time, reducing travel time and stress. To activate the conference call, simply follow the instructions in the guide below.


Mobilink Jazz Balance Share is a value-added service for all prepaid customers in Pakistan. The service works with various cell phones and can be activated in the phone settings or through the network’s website. Once you have activated the service, you can then receive a confirmation message. The service is free for all prepaid subscribers. There is no limit to the number of people you can divert calls to.

You can also use the Mobilink Jazz Call Divert Code to redirect calls to a secondary number. You can also select a specific time period to divert calls. For example, when you’re out and about and your family members are at home, you can activate the service using the busy mode or the Don’t Pick Up Call Mode. You can also set up this service to divert calls to a secondary number at a specific time.

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