Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code

Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code:

The Jazz Incoming Call busy Code lets you quickly forward your calls to voicemail, change your voicemail settings, and more. This service also includes call divert, which works like a package. You can set up your phone to forward all incoming calls to a jazz number or to a number of your choosing. It is incredibly easy to set up, too, with just one code to dial. To get started, just follow the instructions here.


With Jazz’s Incoming Call Forwarding service, you can divert calls to another number in your phonebook. To set up the service, you simply dial *72 and the destination number. Just like when you’re sending a package, the number you want to receive your calls at will be automatically forwarded to the number you’ve set.

In addition to forwarding calls to an alternate phone number, you can also set up call forwarding from your mobile. However, this service is available only to prepaid customers. The jazz Incoming Call Forwarding Service is a great option for girls who feel uncomfortable receiving calls from men.

You can divert calls to another local number, and even set up voicemail for unwanted callers. All you need to do is activate the service using the settings on your mobile phone or by entering the code on your SIM card. It’s that easy. Then you’re ready to go! And because it’s free, you can set up as many lines as you need.

Unlimited calls:

If you’re tired of receiving unwanted calls, you can easily set up a call forwarding service with Jazz. You can easily activate this service by dialing the jazz incoming call busy code and it will forward all calls to another number you provide. You can also forward calls from another mobile number to the same phone number.

These two options will save you from having to deal with your unwanted calls. Both options offer similar benefits but differ in their capabilities. To activate the service, subscribers simply need to dial *188# and press the call button. The help center will confirm the activation. This service is free and available to all prepaid subscribers.


In addition, subscribers can also make use of Mobilink Jazz Balance Share. This service is available to all prepaid customers nationwide. This service is only available to prepaid subscribers. You can use this service for free with Jazz Incoming Call busy code.

Divert incoming calls to voice mail:

If you want to divert incoming calls to voice mail, you can use the Jazz Incoming Call busy code. This service allows you to redirect incoming calls to another jazz phone number. All you have to do is dial **21*your number# and the calls will be diverted to your chosen phone number.

You can also set the call forwarding service to divert calls from another JAZZ GSM number. Activate this service through your mobile phone’s settings or via a SIM code. If you are on a prepaid plan with Verizon Wireless, you can set up the service to divert incoming calls to voice mail.

The service allows you to customize the number of incoming calls and enables you to receive missed call notifications. For customers who don’t want to receive missed calls, you can opt-in for call divert service at no extra cost. You can also set up call redirection on your own cell phone.

Missed call alerts:

If you’re a Jazz customer, you may have already noticed that the phone has an inactive or busy code. You can take advantage of the Missed Call Alert service to avoid losing calls and let your friends and family know that you’re unavailable. To receive alerts, subscribe to this service on Telenor’s website. Then, just follow the instructions in the message you’ll receive.

With the MCA service, you can set up your phone to send notifications to your mobile phone whenever it receives a missed call. The service is free for postpaid and prepaid customers. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can easily unsubscribe. Jazz will not charge you for deactivating the service. If you’re a prepaid customer, you can deactivate the service anytime by dialing *180*1#.

Mobilink Jazz Call Forwarding Service:

Mobilink Jazz Call Forwarding Service is an innovative new feature that lets you divert calls to another number from your phone. This service is especially useful for girls because they don’t want to receive unwanted calls.

It allows you to redirect calls to another local number or an alternate number that you choose. To set up the service, simply dial *21# to enable the call forwarding. Once you’ve activated the service, you’ll receive calls on the other number.


The service can be disabled at any time. You can always reactivate it again by calling the helpline. It’s a free service that works throughout Pakistan. This service is also available at a reasonable cost and you can deactivate it anytime you want.

Mobilink Jazz subscribers can only use this service if they’re prepaid. However, this service is not available in all regions. Mobilink Jazz has launched this service across Pakistan and you can use it for free.

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