How to Deactivate Call Forwarding in Vodafone

How to Deactivate Call Forwarding in Vodafone?

If you have activated Conditional Call Forwarding, you will need to deactivate it before you can use it again. Once you activate Call Forwarding, you can also deactivate it remotely. In the same way, you can deactivate Call Divert when you are on another call. To deactivate Call Divert, you need to dial **62*# on your phone and then click the call button. So, read more about this How to Deactivate Call Forwarding in Vodafone.

Conditional Call Forwarding:

Conditional call forwarding is a great feature to have if you often get unanswered calls. Most people don’t want all of their incoming calls forwarded, and this is one of the ways that conditional call forwarding is beneficial. Conditional call forwarding is available with some carriers for free, but you may need to pay extra for this service. By contrast, standard call forwarding routes all calls without discriminating between different types of calls.

If you’re wondering how conditional call forwarding works in Vodafone, it’s easy to set up.

  • Simply dial the 92# or *92# and wait for a number of rings.
  • If you’d like to change your conditions, you can simply dial the corresponding *93#.
  • When you’re finished, you’ll see a confirmation message, and call forwarding is disabled.
  • Just repeat the process to turn it back on.

Conditional call forwarding works the same way with a Dual SIM device, with the exception of a mobile data connection. It will forward incoming calls to another number if the number is busy or has Wi-Fi calling enabled.

If you’re traveling to a different destination, your incoming calls will still go through to your home number. Depending on your preferences, you can even change the ring signal to send a message to the person who’s calling you.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding:

If you want to change the number on your call forwarding, you can do so remotely by dialing a special access number or your 7 or 10-digit home phone number and following the voice instructions.

  • Make sure you don’t make any mistakes if you do, you can press * to repeat the instructions or reset your PIN.
  • If you’re unsure how to change the forwarding PIN, read on to find out how.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding in Vodafone is a feature that allows you to divert your calls and answer them elsewhere. This is handy in some situations, such as when you’ve lost or stolen your phone. Another scenario is if your landline is in the shop for repair.


When this happens, you can simply request that your inbound calls be diverted to a different number. You can also change the call forwarding times to allow for after-hours forwarding. In the case of an emergency, you can use remote call forwarding to continue working. In many cases, an emergency can shut down the entire building.

Remote access to call forwarding allows incoming calls to be forwarded to another telephone or series of phones where the call agent can respond. This is especially useful when you don’t have a receptionist to receive incoming calls. This can also be helpful in cases where there are multiple people working on the same project.

Disabling Call Forwarding:

Whether you’re looking to stop your answering machine from automatically forwarding calls, or just want to change the settings.

  • Disabling Call Forwarding in Vodafone is easy to do.
  • Simply log into your Vodafone account and click on your personal area.
  • On the left sidebar, select Active promotions.
  • Then, choose the item + Other. Then, select the item related to Voice mail.
  • Finally, press the button to confirm deactivation.

Note that this deactivation will also shut down your voicemail service, so if you have older messages in it, you’ll be unable to listen to them.

  • Similarly, you can turn off your phone’s call forwarding feature by dialing the code provided.
  • This code will then be sent to other numbers that you’ve configured.
  • You can also forward the code to other mobile phone numbers so that your friends and family can also take advantage of this feature.
  • However, you should make sure you have the option to disable call forwarding in Vodafone before you do so.
  • Disabling Call Forwarding in Vodafone is a simple process that’s worth exploring.


To disable call forwarding on your Vodafone mobile phone, you’ll need to know the USSD code assigned to your phone. Each network provider assigns different codes to call forwarding. Once you have the correct USSD code, simply press the Call button on your mobile. You can also turn off conditional call forwarding with a simple dial-pad shortcut.

This works for both Vodafone and Idea SIM. To turn off call forwarding completely, type ##002#. This will stop the call from forwarding if the phone is busy. If you’re using a Vodafone SIM, you can also use *410 to turn off call conditional forwarding.

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