Airtel Call Forwarding Deactivate Code

Airtel Call Forwarding – Deactivate Code:

There are several ways to deactivate your call forwarding service with Airtel. Airtel offers CFU (Unconditional Call Forwarding) service which works without ringing. If you want to disable this service, you can dial a USSD code.

This article will teach you how to deactivate Airtel call forwarding. The process is simple. Moreover, you can use the code whenever you wish to stop receiving calls from a particular number.

Unconditional Call Forwarding (CFU) works without Ringing:

If you want to forward all calls to a different number but don’t want the phone to ring, you can set up your mobile phone to use call forwarding. This service will automatically forward all calls and does not let you hear busy signals. Whether you are using VoIP or standard phone services, it will still work. Unconditional Call Forwarding (CFU) is a great option for this reason.

To enable call forwarding on your Airtel or Idea mobile phone, simply press and hold the ACTION_DIAL button on the dial pad. Next, enter the phone number to forward, followed by the lock code. When you receive a call, you will get two short tones followed by a dial tone. You can also deactivate the service by sending a text message to the number you want to forward the calls to.

  • To deactivate call forwarding, go to Settings > Phone.
  • Then select ‘CFU’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, enter the code that appears in the phone’s status bar.
  • You should now see a “Not Forwarded” message.
  • This means your phone number is safe.
  • After confirming this, you can proceed to enter a different phone number to continue the call forwarding process.

How to deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding?

  • To turn off the call forwarding option on your Airtel phone, you need to go to your call settings.
  • To do so, dial *002# and select deactivate call forwarding from the menu.
  • Alternatively, you can call #61 to turn off call forwarding and diverting altogether.
  • Here are some tips to deactivate call forwarding on Airtel phones. Using the USSD code:
  • First, make sure that your mobile number is not already on call forwarding.
  • Unconditional call forwarding will forward all your incoming calls without asking your phone to ring.
  • If you set this up incorrectly, you will get a busy signal on your phone.
  • If you want to turn off call forwarding, you will need to use the deactivation codes provided by your mobile carrier.
  • When you want to turn off call forwarding, remember to deactivate it when you need to change your mobile number.

You can also use USSD codes to disable call forwarding. Depending on your telecom provider, you can dial the USSD codes to turn off call forwarding. The codes differ from network to network, so make sure to know which one you need.

After entering the codes, simply dial the numbers and wait for confirmation. If the deactivation codes are not available, dial *61# and select your phone number again. You’ll be asked for a verification code.

USSD Codes to Deactivate Airtel call forwarding:

If you are looking for ways to deactivate Airtel call forwarding, then you have come to the right place. You can deactivate call forwarding via your phone settings or by using USSD codes.

  • To deactivate call forwarding with Airtel, simply dial the USSD code 002#.
  • This code will stop call forwarding for all calls from your number to any other number.
  • Call forwarding is a service that lets you divert your incoming calls to another number when the caller fails to answer it.
  • It will charge you for each minute the caller uses, so it is important that you know how to deactivate it without causing a problem.
  • To disable call forwarding on your Airtel phone, simply follow the steps below.
  • If you’ve accidentally enabled call forwarding, enter ‘000’ after the phone number.


If you’ve accidentally enabled call forwarding on your phone, you can disable the service for all calls or only those features you use. These codes work for various types of call forwarding, including voicemail, SMS, and MMS. Depending on the type of call forwarding, you can use different USSD codes to deactivate it.

Whether you’re using the USSD codes to deactivate call forwarding for all calls or just selected ones, the codes are easy to use and will eliminate any annoyances that could arise. Read the post above carefully to get the complete detail you want to get.

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