How to Deactivate Call Busy

How to Deactivate Call Busy?

If you receive incoming call busy notifications while you’re using other apps, you’ve probably wondered how to turn off these alerts. You can do this in a number of ways. Toggling display over other apps to no answer is one option. Alternatively, you can turn off all call forwarding. Then, you can toggle the setting back to allow. However, you’ll probably need to reset some settings in your phone to make the change stick. So, read the article to get information about How to Deactivate Call Busy?

Disable conditional call forwarding:

There are several ways to turn off conditional call forwarding on Call Busy.

  • First, you need to disable call waiting, which you can do by dialing *67.
  • Pressing this code will route your incoming calls to the number you enter.
  • When your calls go to voicemail, you’ll receive a confirmation code that says you’ve disabled call forwarding.
  • Disable conditional call forwarding on Call Busy to stop receiving incoming calls when your phone is busy.

If you’re concerned about missing important phone calls, you can disable this option. Most cell phones come with a “busy” signal setting, but some people prefer the option to turn off call forwarding entirely. This option forwards all calls to another phone number when the receiver is unavailable, such as a caller who is busy or has turned off their phone. This feature works in a number of situations, including network outages and being busy.

Another way to Disable Conditional Call Forwarding:

  • Another way to disable conditional call forwarding on Call Busy is to configure the setting in My Verizon to only enable it when you’re not available at home.
  • Then, whenever you receive an incoming call, you can select to forward it to your chosen number.
  • Alternatively, you can also set Call Forwarding Selective to only forward calls from certain phone numbers.
  • It’s important to note that this setting is available only for iPhone users, so you’ll need to be familiar with your carrier’s rules.

Disable the no answer/busy transfer feature:

The No Answer/Busy Transfer feature is available to Verizon customers. It allows you to forward incoming calls to a different phone if you are busy or unable to take a call. However, callers can still make outgoing calls with this feature active. To turn it off, simply dial *73. If you do not want to receive outgoing calls on your Call Busy number, you can disable this feature by dialing *73.

  • Call Forward Busy is a feature that allows your phone to automatically forward incoming calls to your voicemail when your office is busy.
  • You can use Call Forward Busy alone or in conjunction with Call Waiting to transfer calls to your cell phone.
  • The only downside to this feature is that it requires you to pick up the handset and listen for the dial tone, then dial the destination number.
  • You will need to repeat this process to make Call Waiting work.
  • To enable the Forward No Answer/No Answer feature, click on the Advanced tab and choose a phone number.
  • In this menu, you can also enter the destination number and set the number of rings the call should wait before forwarding.
  • Then, you can configure the Forward No Answer/No Answer feature for your company.
  • This feature can be enabled for both internal and external numbers.
  • You can also configure it to forward incoming calls to a voicemail or play a greeting on your phone.

Turn off all call forwarding:

You can easily turn off all call forwarding on Call Busy by simply going to your phone’s settings page. Call forwarding will route incoming calls to another phone number when the user is away or unavailable. To activate call forwarding, the User must dial a special dial tone, the destination phone number, and the # sign.

This feature is only available for customers who have Call Waiting enabled or temporarily deactivated, and the process must be repeated every time. You can also use conditional call forwarding, which will automatically forward a call to another phone number if certain conditions are met.

This feature works similarly to the previous method but uses different “star” codes. It is also possible to set the phone to forward calls automatically when you are in the middle of something. For example, if you are busy on the first day of your vacation, the phone will send your calls to a secondary number.


You can also disable call forwarding on Reliance Jio by using the in-built features of the phone. If you are using an iPhone, then you can turn off the feature by going to your Settings page and navigating to Call Busy. This feature has some drawbacks. It is not very easy to turn off call forwarding in the settings menu of your phone. You can toggle it on or off as desired.

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