How to Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App?

Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App:

Apple has put limitations on third-party app developers to get entry and gain control over the system settings to record and store calls. The call recording apps for iPhone, which are available on both Google Play and Apple store, are either not that effective or most of them come up with a monthly subscription. Because of these limitations, you may therefore wonder. How do I record a conversation on my iPhone without installing any app?

Call recording often takes place on one end without the other caller’s knowledge and/or permission. This goes against Apple’s privacy policy, which states that they do not support any processes that jeopardize the privacy of others. There are legitimate reasons, however, to know how to record calls on iPhone without the app, such as if you are being threatened.


To answer how to record a call on iPhone without the app, it is to have a three-way conference with a telephony service that will record the line and save it for you. As complicated as it sounds, it is in fact as simple as making a regular phone call on your iPhone.

In order for this trick to work your provider needs to support the voice mail feature and allow your own number to call. Be aware that this isn’t going to work for all carriers. But if you meet these requirements you are good to go.


  • For this method to work you need iPhone with operating system iOS 9.0 or later version as earlier versions. Do not allow export of recorded audio files from your voicemail.
  • Ensure that your voice mail inbox is not full.
  • Check if your carriers allows for phone calls to be recorded as this is not allowed by all providers. Also check if such recording is allowed as per your reginal laws.
  • Disable the Call waiting feature on your phone. Use the following steps:
    • Go to settings
    • Select phone
    • You will see an option call call waiting-tap on it.
    • Look at switch key beside call waiting-if it is already disabled (bar coloured white), you don’t need to do anything. If the bar is green that means it is enabled. Tap on the switch to disable the feature.

How to Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App?

  1. Dial the designated number from the contact list.
  2. Once the call is established, select “Add call” from your phone’s scree interface.
  3. After “Add Call” is selected your contact list will be opened.
  4. Select your own contact number from the address book and dial your own number.
  5. Tap the green dial button to cobfirm. This will add your voice-box to the conference call.
  6. As soon as the voicemail call is estabilish. And you hear the beep sound indicating that it is recording the call.
  7. Select merge calls on your phone’s screen interface.
  8. This will merge both the calls and the voicemail records your entire conversation.
  9. Once the call is over, tap on the voicemail option on your iPhone menu to access this recording.
  10. To save the recorded conversation. Open the phone app and select the “voicemail” features from the bottom. Then tap on the “Share” button and send the recording to yourself via email or save it to ypur computer.


Although, as a general rule, there should not be any legal issues. If you obtain verbal consent of all participants to record a phone call on iPhone. It is advisable to check your state or local laws in this connection, for further clarification.

We also provide the preconditions for you here. Which helps you to record your iPhone conversation without the app. If you want to know more about this please comment below here. Before this, you must read the whole post above first.

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