BSNL Call Forwarding Activate Code

BSNL Call Forwarding Activate Code:

How to Activate BSNL Call Forwarding? It is as easy as dialing *62# and clicking the call button. Once the activation process is complete, the user will see a message on the screen stating that call forwarding has been activated. To stop this service, simply dial the activation code again and press the call button. Then, you can deactivate the service anytime you want.

Activate BSNL Call Forwarding:

Activate BSNL Call Forwarding on your mobile phone to divert your incoming calls to another number. The BSNL call diverts code is available for both landlines and mobiles. It can be activated and deactivated at your convenience. If you are not available when the call is coming, the BSNL call diverts code will divert your calls to another number on your network.

  • To activate this service, dial 115 and follow the instructions to confirm the activation of the call forwarding code.
  • Then, dial the alternate number to receive the diverted call.
  • You should then receive an acceptance tone. If you want to deactivate the call divert code, dial 115 once again.
  • You will get a confirmation tone indicating that the diverted call has been received.
  • Once you have confirmed that the phone number is yours, it will divert the call to the other number.

To deactivate a call forwarding feature, you can call the carrier by dialing a certain code. The activation code is different for each network service provider, but the same principle applies. Dial the number you want to deactivate and wait for confirmation.

It will take only a few seconds to deactivate the call forwarding feature. You can also use the deactivation code to enable call forwarding, but it will require a minimum of 5 minutes before it will be effective.

Activate Do Not Disturb:

When your BSNL call forwarding is on, you will be able to receive calls from your contacts on any number, whether you’re available or not. To activate this feature, dial *21# and enter the international country code. If you’re using a mobile phone, you can also use a USSD code. You can also use a BSNL call forwarding code to deactivate call forwarding.

Activating Do Not Disturb (DND) is a great feature of BSNL call forwarding. DND is an excellent way to stop telemarketers from pestering you with promotional calls or SMS. You can activate the DND feature for total categories or specific categories. Activating DND for your BSNL call forwarding service will prevent you from receiving marketing messages from specific categories.

To deactivate your Do Not Disturb service, you must call the number that was blocked. Once you have completed the process, you will see a screen message indicating that your phone is activated. You can also deactivate this service by dialing *73. So, you can deactivate your call forwarding service at any time. You can always call your number and deactivate it again.

Activate Do Not Disturb for all calls:

If you’d like to stop receiving unsolicited commercial calls and SMS, a good way to do that is to activate Do Not Disturb (DND) on your BSNL phone number. This service allows you to opt out of receiving promotional, spam, and other kinds of calls. You can activate DND on your BSNL phone number by sending an SMS to the DND hotline 1909.

Once you’ve activated BSNL’s DND service, you can easily deactivate it. To do this, simply call or text the corresponding service number with the text “STOP” in the body. You’ll then be notified by phone of the status of your request. If you’d rather call the BSNL customer care number, you can simply click on the IVR and follow the voice instructions.

Do Not Disturb can be activated on a number of mobile phone networks, including BSNL. You can register with each network individually, selecting which modes of communication you’d like to receive from which companies. So, you can also select which days and times you’d like your DND service to be active. You can also unregister from the service at any time. This service is available on all prepaid cell phones.

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