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How to Activate and Deactivate Vodafone Codes in Ghana?

How to use Vodafone Codes? We will look at how to activate and deactivate Vodafone Codes in Ghana. We will also cover the name and usage of a Vodafone code. Here are some useful tips. Read on! Activation: How to enter your code at checkout. Deactivation: How to remove a Vodafone code after it has expired. Then, you can deactivate it at any time. The name of the code will be in the promotional dialog box at checkout.

Usage of Vodafone Codes in Ghana:

Among the most reliable network providers in Ghana, Vodafone has a lot to offer. Its unrivaled mobile browsing speed is a major plus. As part of its efforts to make its subscribers’ lives easier, Vodafone introduced Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Vodafone codes are a simple way to interact with the network’s applications directly from the phone’s dial pad. Here’s how to use them!

To access the services of Vodafone Ghana, users must know the usage of its shortcodes. They can reach customer care by dialing 100, get general news by dialing *127*11#, and register their SIM cards by dialing *400#. Shortcodes are very useful for customers, as they provide two-way communication with the company. Vodafone codes are useful for both companies and customers. In addition to helping Vodafone Ghana customers, they can also provide an excellent customer experience.


How to activate your Vodafone Codes? Activate your Vodafone Codes by following these easy steps. To activate your Vodafone Codes, simply dial *77# or send the SMS to 477#. You will see the next step on the screen. You can also use these codes for account management, internet services, balance transfers, loan details, and more.

Just follow these steps and activate your Vodafone codes in no time. You will be able to activate your Vodafone services and enjoy unlimited benefits!

  • After logging in, you can now use your Vodafone Codes to activate your data plans.
  • The process is very simple – just type the code into your phone, press the dial button and you’ll be on your way.
  • Once the code is activated, you will receive the data pack and confirmation via SMS.
  • If you don’t see the SMS, you can try to call customer support and let them help you.
  • After all, this service is free, and you’ll love it!


If you are a Vodafone subscriber, you can deactivate or activate your codes by visiting the My Vodafone page and hovering over the corresponding item in the upper right corner. Next, enter your mobile phone number and the verification code that you received through SMS. You can then follow the prompts to complete the registration process. To deactivate or activate the codes, click on the corresponding item. You can also find the list of your subscriptions in My Vodafone.


If you are a Vodafone customer, you can also deactivate the service by activating it under certain conditions. The codes are: ## 002 #, ## 67 #, and 21 * 3934. If you deactivate your Vodafone codes, you will still be required to pay 1.50 euros per day for these services. However, you can share these codes with friends or family members to ensure that they don’t use them.

Name of code:

If you want to check your balance, you can dial 111*1*6# to get Chhota credit. You can also dial 111*1*7# to check your recharge offer or know how much you have used for the day. You can also use this code to monitor your data usage and manage your DND settings. If you don’t know what the code stands for, then check this guide. You will also learn how to use it when you want to talk to Vodafone support.

The USSD codes of Vodafone allow customers to check their balance and usage details quickly and easily. They are the most commonly used codes, as they can be accessed with just a few keystrokes. These codes also help subscribers activate value-added services, like SMS, MMS, and web browsing. You can also use them to check your data and internet balances. You can also find out if you have a data balance or data loans, as well as your net balance.


To check the validity of your Vodafone mobile number, you can dial the USSD code *146#. You will receive a message with the USSD code on the screen. Once you click OK, the message will disappear. To see the validity of your Vodafone code, you need to know its type and country. Vodafone offers several USSD codes. The following codes are valid for any country. You can use any one of these codes to check the validity of your mobile number.

If you want to know whether your Vodafone prepaid account is valid or expired, you must call up customer care and ask them about the validity. This will give you some information on how much of your remaining balance is available. If you are using a prepaid plan, you can also check the validity of the remaining SMS or the main balance. Alternatively, you can text a 16-digit pin to check the validity of your plan.

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Are you a Vodafone customer who wants to move your number to another network? If so, then you can do so by giving your old PAC code to Vodafone. You can also call the number 191 from any phone to get the code. The PAC Code is free, but you should be aware of the cancellation fees. Otherwise, STAC codes are the next best option. Share your experience with Vodafone Codes in the comments section below!


The technology department at Vodafone has a complex org chart and new people join the company often. With all of these changes, it is hard to know who belongs to which team. That’s why Vodafone introduced custom search integration. Now, users can enter the slash command /team to view information on relevant teams. Another integration pulls up the teams responsible for particular services. This makes it easier to identify the right person to contact if you need help.

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