How To Deactivate Call Barring

Call Barring:

Here we will discuss Call Barring today and how to deactivate Call Barring? So Call Barring allows you to stop incoming and outgoing calls on your smartphone. It is perfect for when you are abroad or if you have a work and personal SIM connected. And you don’t want to be contacted via your work number on your day off.

Deactivate Call Barring:

Call Barring feature is good for many users and they like to use it in everyday life. This feature is best for those who don’t want to make themself be disturbed by others. This service provides you with a simple and easy way to block unwanted calls or messages.

When you cancel Call Barring, you’ll also need to enter the administrator’s PIN. You will find the PIN on the information we sent you when you joined us. You can use a phone for many tasks, but one of its primary functions is to make and receive calls.


Though call barring helps customers avoid certain costs. Such as those associated with accidental international calls. The barring feature can prove troublesome when calling outside the country is actually necessary. Although you can partially cancel calls barring on your device, you may need your wireless carrier’s assistance to complete the process in total.

Deactivate Call Barring mostly happens when the user wants to cancel the activation of the call. Now it depends on the user that which call barring the user want to deactivate. The user wants to deactivate the incoming calls or outgoing calls or international calls only. Follow the below post for the deactivation of call barring by using these steps.

How to Deactivate Call Barring?

To bar incoming calls and texts:

  • Dial *35*<4-digit code>#on your mobile phone and press the call key.

To bar incoming calls and texts from international numbers only:

  • Dial *351*<4-digit code># on your mobile phone and press the call key.

Deactivation of an incoming call

  • #351* barring code #YES

Deactivation All incoming calls barring while roaming (only for postpaid subscribers)

  • #351* barring code #YES

Deactivations of All outgoing Call Barring

  • #33* barring code #YES

Deactivation All outgoing international calls barring (only for postpaid subscribers)

  • #331* barring code #YES

Deactivation of all outgoing international calls barring while roaming (except calls to own country)(only for postpaid subscribers)

  • #332* barring code #YES

To cancel all types of calls barring dial#330* barring code#YES.



The deactivation service is provided for free. You can also activate or deactivate calls barring from the phone menu directly. For all your questions we write this article now, you are free to get answers to your question.

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