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Skype Customer Service:

As we know Skype is an application that connects the whole world nowadays. Skype keeps the world taking, sending files, documents and photos. Mostly it is used for messages, voice, or video calls. Use Skype to send SMS messages to mobiles worldwide. Therefore we are here today to discuss Skype with its details.

If you are experiencing problems with Skype and would like to contact customer service? Using Live chat is the best way to get hold of them. You may like to visit Skype’s help desk where you can find answers and troubleshoot common issues. Skype provides the best customer service to its all customers if they face any issues related to Skype. So be easy to contact your Skype Customer Service for all your issues.

Skype Customer Service Phone Number:

Skype is a Microsoft-owned app that provides video calling services to customers around the world. While it is one of the earliest and best-known video calling applications. Skype does not, in fact, offer phone-based customer support for its consumer service. Only Skype for Business accounts has the option of calling Skype support.


If you do rather chat with a real person, we partner with a company based on the West Coast that provides teaching support experts 24/7. Enjoy a $1 one-week trial membership and chat with a live technician now. Skype is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family around the world. However, sometimes you may have a problem with your account and want to contact customer service. If you are having problems making calls, signing into your account, or aren’t happy with the quality of your calls. Customer service will be able to help solve your problem.

Why do People Call Skype Customer Support?

People contact Skype customer support for a range of reasons, including:

  • Technical support.
  • Billing inquiries and questions.
  • Requests for help with a hijacked or hancked account.
  • Call quality issues.
  • Reporting harassment.

Contact Skype Customer Service Team:

As you know in every field of business around the world we have always needed a helping team. Skype has a dedicated page on its website. This can help you to troubleshoot, this page is called the help desk. You will be able to get answers to common issues and advice about how to solve the problem. You can either browse the FAQ or type your topic into the search bar to be taken to the relevant page.

Therefore Skype provides the customer service representative via live chat for the Skype users. So that all Skype customers can easily chat with customer service representatives. Skype doesn’t have a dedicated customer service number, so the best way to contact them is via live chat. Customers can connect with Skype and share the issue by email, or social media.


Emergency calling support in Skype for the United States:

Skype now supports emergency calls to 911 in the United States. You can also enable 911 emergency location sharing to permit Skype to automatically capture. And share your location with emergency operators when making a 911 call. Your location will only be shared in the event you dial 911 for the purpose of routing your call and providing location information to your local emergency operator.

How to contact with Skype Customer Service Team?

To contact Skype Customer service follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on ‘Contact us from Skype’s homepage.
  2. Select your issue.
  3. You will then be asked to be more specific. Choose the situation that’s most relevent to you.
  4. You will then be given solutions that you can try.
  5. In most cases, you will also be given the option to talk to a customer service agent via live chat. There is also a section called additional resources where you can choose ‘contact us’ or speak to a virtual agent.

Global Skype Customer Service Phone numbers:

Here below we are going to list the Global Skype Customer Service Phone numbers. To find a customer service phone number in your country, please click a region and find your country.


CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
Algeria+21321 89 10 70Francais
Angola+315214 154 065Portugues
Botswana+2761 292 5016
11 3618800
Egypt+202 3539 3333English
MoroccoN/A0801 000 809Francais
Mozambique+351214 154 065Portugues
South AfricaN/A0860 22 55 67English
Tanzania+25420 2868800English


CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
ChinaN/A400 820 3800
800 820 3800
Cambodia+603 9212 1942English
Hong Kong+8522388 9600English
(0)80 4010 3000
1 800 572 1100
1 800 102 1100
001 8030167966
0120 54 2244
0120 41 6755
3 4332 5458
1 800 81 8798
8006 4276 738
Pakistan+9221 1 116 74357English
SingaporeN/A800 1013659English

Australia/ Pacific:

CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
AustraliaN/A13 20 58English
New Zealand+640800 800 004English


CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
AustriaN/A0 8000 123 345Deutsch
FranceN/A(0)9 70 01 90 90Francais
Germany+49(0)180 6 67 22 55Deutsch
Italy+3902 38 59 14 44Italiano
Norway+31(0)20 500 500Norsk, Bokmal
0848 858 868
0848 801 255
TurkeyN/A0850 390 2777Turkce
United Kingdom+44(0) 344 800 2400English

North America/ Cental America:

CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
877 568 2495
905 568 0434
800 892 5234
United States+1
(800) 642 7676
(800) 892 5234 (TTY)

Middle East:

CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
Kuwait+961(0)1 974081English
800 73332 2444 6487English
4 411 9418
4 411 9420
Saudi Arabia+966
1129 88 100
800 820 0315
8000 2000 4 391 7000English

South America:

CountryCountry codePhone NumberLanguage
BrazilN/A11 4706 0990 0800 761 7454 305 715 1499Portugues
1 580 4451 305 418 9143
(Large Distancia)


The whole content describes the numbers that Skype provides for each country for Support. Read the complete content to get information on this topic. Follow us for future pieces of information and updates. For more about this post comment us below here.

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