Conference Call Methods

Conference Call Methods:

There are many different Conference Call Methods. Some of them are very inexpensive and can be conducted using standard telephones or speakerphones. Others require specialized equipment such as a teleconference provider.

Some providers charge a fee depending on features and size. Some even provide an operator to monitor open lines. If you want more advanced features, you can pay a higher fee. Here are a few of the best methods. If you are looking to host a conference call, you should use one of the methods listed below.

Bridging Conference Call Method:

During a bridging conference call, a host will dial each participant’s telephone number to connect them to the conference. This method reduces the power of a single party and requires a host to know the numbers of all participants.

The other method is a dial-in, which uses an access code. Both methods can be very useful for larger groups. However, they can only be used for smaller groups. You should also consider which option best meets your needs.


Use of a Facilitator Conference Call Method:

One of the most popular and effective Conference Call Methods involves the use of a facilitator. A facilitator is a person who facilitates the meeting and moves the group through the agenda. A facilitator can also be a timekeeper, though a separate person should be designated for this task. Usually, a facilitator goes over the agenda with the group leader before the conference.

A note-taker is a person who takes notes during the conference. This individual should send the notes to the participants within 24 hours. If you can’t email the notes to the participants, this is the most ideal way.

Teleconferencing Conference Call Method:

Another method of running a conference call is by teleconferencing. A teleconference allows you to involve a large group of people who are separated by distance. This method is best for regular meetings with multiple locations or for computer files. It can also be useful for a large number of participants based in a single city. So, if you need to hold a large meeting with multiple people, teleconferencing will be the best option.

Conference Call Bridge:

There are many free and affordable ways to conduct a conference call. Some are available on the Internet. They all allow you to share your screen with other participants. They are a convenient way to make calls with other people. A conference call bridge is a type of equipment that connects people through one phone number. This allows all participants to communicate with each other. Often, a conference call will require a phone network. This can help people on a conference bridge.

Methods of Holding a Conference Call:

Now here we are going to tell you about the methods which you can use to hold a conference call. These methods are listed below.

Admit the Conferees:

The first method of holding a conference call is to admit the conferees. There are different methods of admitting conference participants. The user transmits an admission request to the server. The admission request contains an identifier.


The server compares the identifier with the data from the communications device. Then, the process continues. The next method is to have a Moderator present a presentation. In the case of a web conference, the user can easily sign in and listen to the presentation and present.

Call in the Participants:

The second method of holding a conference call is to call in the participants. This can be done through a telephone bridge. The bridge is a specialized piece of equipment that is connected to the various participants. The participants may also dial into the conference using their mobile phones.

This method has been used for centuries. It allows a person to join multiple conferences at the same time. It can also be used in a business setting where a person wants to connect with a remote location.

Number of Participants:

When organizing a conference call, you must consider the time of day and the number of participants. This method is more economical and convenient, but it requires more preparation on your part. The method of holding a conference call includes announcing the participants in advance.

You can even ask your phone service provider to provide a guide to conference calls. This is especially helpful when you are conducting a large conference. While you can’t always tell who will be on the other end, you can always see who’s on the other end of the phone.


You can use various Conference Call Methods to hold a conference call. Those who attend a conference call over the phone can view the content of the call using a computer. A web conference allows the participants to view a document while they are on the phone.

Moreover, it allows the caller to give clear explanations while addressing the audience. Although this method is more expensive, it has its advantages. It is useful for businesses that have many employees. Now you can easily use these methods for a Conference Call.

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