How to Detect A Conference Call On iPhone

Conference Call On iPhone:

You can use your iPhone for a conference call with up to five other people. Call the first number for your meeting and wait for that person to answer. Now it is very easy to make a conference call by using your iPhone. The feature of merging calls is also provided by iPhone to its users so, you can make an easy merging call from your iPhone.

To make a conference call your carrier must support your iPhone. If your carrier does not support your iPhone then you can make a call from your iPhone. As we already wrote an article on this topic, you can visit it for full information.


Detect a Conference Call On iPhone:

Many times users don’t know to detect a conference call on their smartphone and face many problems. Today we are going to discuss detecting a conference call on iPhone. Now if you face this issue on your iPhone then be with us till the end. So many users are still finding it hard to detect conference calls on iPhone.

This has exposed some who initially don’t intend to partake in any conference. Because of security breaches that will have them exposed. And in turn, they can’t even tell if the incoming call on their phone is actually a conference call. There are a few ways to detect if someone is on a conference call.

One way is to look for an indicator on their phone. Another way is to listen for a special tone that is often played when someone is on a conference call. There are many Apps also which detect a conference call on iPhone. The conference call feature is one of the best features being adopted by Apple, in which its functionality is made available by default.

How to Detect A Conference Call On iPhone?

Here are the steps for How to Detect A Conference Call On iPhone. Fellow these steps to get your answer and solve this issue on your iPhone.

  1. To detect a conference call on an iPhone you need to.
  2. You can look for the icon with three people in it at the top of the screen.
  3. If this icon is present, it means that you are currently on a conference call.

Apps to Detect conference call:

The best app for detecting conference calls will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However, some popular options include.

  • UberConference
  • MobileDay
  • Agenday
  • MeetingMogul
  • Tempo Smart Calender


iPhone users can now get the chance to connect and talk on the phone with several people at a time. You will even get the chance to record the conference call you are currently engaged on if you wish to. And interestingly, you can also switch to private calls with individual participants, or end calls for only certain participants.

Now you are free to get the solution to your problem by reading the above post. We hope that you will get to know all the information properly. Thanks for having with us till the end.

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