How to Divert Calls and Messages to Another Number

How to Divert Calls and Messages to Another Number?

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Forwarding calls can save you time and money, while also giving your clients the best customer experience. Here’s how to do it.

Call Forwarding:

Call forwarding, also known as call diversion, allows you to redirect incoming calls to any number you choose. This is a useful tool that can help you to avoid missing important business calls and to ensure that your customers are connected to the right person as quickly as possible.

To activate call forwarding, dial **21*(your phone number)#. You can then set up forwarding to occur when you are busy, unanswered, or unavailable. The calls you receive will then be automatically forwarded to your chosen destination.

You can also use this feature to forward your incoming calls to another number when your phone is lost or stolen. You can even divert your calls to another office line, home phone, or VoIP service. It is important to note that you may be charged a fee for every forwarded call depending on your mobile carrier and the type of phone you have. You can check with your phone service provider for specific rates and instructions on how to enable this feature.

Call Barring:

Call barring allows users to block incoming calls from specific numbers or types of numbers. This feature is a great tool to use if someone has been harassing you or if you are worried about your phone being used for premium-rate international calls.

The call-barring options are accessed by going to Settings and then tapping on Call. Depending on your device, you may find the option right there or you might have to go deeper inside to get to it.

In some instances, call barring could cause a problem where you are expecting an important call and it doesn’t come through. If that happens, you can disable call barring on your device to allow the call through. You might also need to disable call barring if you are traveling abroad and you want to be able to make or receive calls from your phone. If your device doesn’t work while call barring is enabled, it might be because of roaming fees.



For example, you may want to forward calls to voicemail when you are out of the office or unavailable. This can be helpful in preventing missed business opportunities.

To set this up, access the Phone app on your Android. Tap the icon that resembles your receiver (looks vary by device). Tap More settings.

Select Call forwarding from the menu. Enter the number you wish to forward calls to in the field labeled Forward matching calls to. You can use a wildcard or a number pattern to match multiple numbers or all matching numbers, and you can also describe the forwarded destination in the Description field.

You can also choose to only forward calls at certain times by selecting Time routes from the menu. This feature allows you to create a schedule for the calls that will be automatically forwarded. This option is only available on PBX systems that support it. Lastly, you can select the ringing order of the destinations in the Ring order: field.

Text Message Forwarding:

SMS text message forwarding is useful for consumers, businesses, and organizations. Using a smart messaging platform like DialMyCalls, consumers can automatically forward incoming text messages to a designated email address or phone number. This allows users to keep in touch with consumers even when they’re not available.

It’s also helpful for relaying information between team members. For example, a consumer may send you a text message with a question or issue that requires multiple responses from different people in your organization. Forwarding this message to multiple individuals saves you the trouble of starting a group chat, retyping, or screenshotting your response.

To set up text message forwarding, select the arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the message thread. This will open a new window with the selected text message highlighted with a blue check mark. Enter the name of the individual to whom you want to forward this text message and tap the blue arrow.

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