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EasyCall For Your Shopify Store:

Adding a call center to your Shopify store is an important step to improving customer support. It’s easy to set up and affordable for most businesses. In this video, we’ll show you how to install the app and get started with it. So, read the article to get information on this EasyCall Software.

Buy a business number, provide instant support, and manage multiple numbers with EasyCall Software. The web-based platform allows merchants to make cheap international calls and track their performance.

Web-based call center:

It’s a cloud-based call center solution designed to handle inbound and outbound calls, emails, chats, and social media comments. Its simple user interface makes it easy to add agents and manage workflow. It also offers agent monitoring to improve customer service.

Customers can be routed to a particular agent depending on the nature of their query, rather than waiting for a general call queue. This saves time and increases the first call resolution rate.

All plans include super cheap international calling and a free business phone number. The platform is accessible via a unified portal and integrates with CRM software like Gorgias, Reamaze, and Crisp.

Buy a business phone number:

A business phone number is a separate line that you can use for your company calls. It allows you to set up local and toll-free numbers and gives your customers the option of contacting a specific person or department, like customer service or sales. It can also allow callers to enter an extension so that they can be routed directly to the person they need to speak with.

With the help of the best call center software, merchants can provide top-tier support for their Shopify stores. They can add a click-to-call widget, buy a business phone number, integrate CRM call center software, manage multiple phone numbers & contacts, and send and receive SMS messages with a ticketing system.


Instant support:

Empower your customers to make their purchase decisions without interrupting them with real-time voice support. EasyCall lets you add a click-to-call widget to your website, provide your business with an international phone number for super-cheap calls, integrate with CRM call center software, manage multiple phone numbers and contacts, and send SMS messages with a ticketing system.

EasyCall’s web-based protocol removes customer fears of international calls. So, you won’t pay any hidden fees or charges for your calls. Plus, you can connect multiple devices and receive push notifications. Data entry screens and printed schedules look just like FFIEC’s CDR, and EasyCall Report communicates directly with the CDR to verify with CDR Edit Checks as you prepare and submit your Call Report each quarter.

CRM call center software:

Reliable CRM call center software is essential for business-critical functions like customer support, troubleshooting, and ticketing. It centralizes all communication channels in a single dashboard and ensures that team members can work together seamlessly. It also minimizes interruptions and maximizes productivity.

So, look for a provider that offers pre-built integrations and runs on any technology. RingCentral has all of these features and is a great option for remote and work-from-home employees. It also has robust security features that protect data and private information.

Cloudtalk is another affordable CRM call center software solution. So, it has a robust set of tools and a customizable pricing plan.

Manage multiple phone numbers & contacts:

Having multiple phone numbers is useful for business professionals. So, whether you’re worried about identity theft or simply want to separate your professional contacts from your personal ones, second phone number apps are a great way to do it. So, these apps will add a dedicated phone number to your existing cell phone and allow you to choose local or toll-free numbers.

Burner is a free app that lets you add up to three phone numbers to your smartphone. It also offers privacy protection, auto-reply texts, and custom profile updates. You can also use it for low-cost calls and texting. It is compatible with all major devices and allows you to choose from a variety of local phone numbers.

SMS messaging:

SMS messaging services allow customers to receive on-demand information and promotions via text. This is an easy way to retain and generate new customers and increase customer loyalty through massive campaigns. It can also be used to deliver alerts about important changes and updates.

EasyALM complies with FFIEC Call Report rules and requirements, including the Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity, Stress Test, Contingency Funding Plan, and Credit and Budgeting guidelines. It is integrated into the system, allowing for direct communication with the CDR as you prepare and submit it. Thousands of FFIEC edit checks are included, so you know what’s in your report before it is submitted.

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