Call Forwarding Deactivate Code

Call Forwarding Deactivate Code:

Call Forwarding Deactivate Code is a useful USSD code for people who want to prevent their mobile numbers from being diverted. This is done by dialing a specific code from your mobile phone.

This can be done to ensure calls are not diverted while you’re busy, or when your network is having issues. It’s also useful if you’re away from your desk or on a trip and want to prevent missed calls.

1. Airtel:

Airtel is one of the largest telecom operators in India with a wide network covering all major cities. The company has rolled out a call-forwarding feature to ensure that users never miss any important calls.

The user can activate the call forwarding facility on his/her Airtel number by dialing a code, for example, ##21#. This code will redirect all incoming calls to any other number of their choice.

Moreover, the user can also activate this service by dialing a code for a specific condition. These include i) Always forward, ii) Forward when busy, and iii) Forward when unanswered.

In the event that you have activated the call forwarding feature but do not wish to use it anymore, simply deactivate it by following these simple steps. Just locate your phone ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Call’.

2. BSNL:

BSNL is India’s largest telecom company and has a vast customer base. It offers a wide variety of services including fixed-line, mobile, and broadband.


Despite its great service and popularity, the company was facing numerous challenges that impeded its growth. The major issues included slow decision-making, red tape, and repeated government interference.

However, the company re-positioned itself and is now on a positive trajectory. The company is focusing on improving its customer experience, providing quality service, and reducing operating costs.

If you wish to disable call forwarding, you can do so by dialing specific USSD codes from your phone. These codes will help you stop the feature completely or partially based on your preference.

3. Idea:

Idea call forwarding is a service that allows users to redirect their calls to another number on account of any reason like a network issue or when their number is switched off. This way, they can never miss a single phone call even when their phone is not in coverage or it is turned off.

Though this feature is a useful one, it also comes with some disadvantages. It can be a security issue and may allow someone to monitor your calls without your consent.

The best way to avoid this problem is to disable it. You can do this through USSD codes and your mobile’s settings.

4. Vodafone:

If you’re a Vodafone user, you have the option to use call forwarding deactivate codes. Using this feature, you can forward your incoming calls to another number while you’re busy.

This can be very useful when you’re out of coverage or if you’re in an area where you cannot use your phone, but still need to talk. This service also allows you to prevent missing important calls and texts when you’re not on your phone.

Moreover, this call forwarding can help you if you’re busy in a meeting or when you need to stay focused on a task and you do not have access to your phone. You can set this feature so that all incoming calls will be forwarded when you are busy unless you do not answer your phone or respond within a certain time frame (say, 60 seconds).

To activate the call forwarding deactivate code on your Vodafone SIM, simply dial the relevant MMI or USSD codes listed below and wait for the audio/text confirmation.

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