Video Conferencing Equipment

Video Conferencing Equipment Benefits:

The first step in purchasing video conferencing equipment is determining the space you will use. So medium to large conference rooms can benefit from a Pro2 package, which includes a high-quality camera and full-duplex speakerphone.

So, If your team is distributed around the country or works in a hybrid office, this package will help them stay connected. Audio-only conference calls can also be conducted using this product. To learn more, read on.

Logitech MeetUp:

Logitech’s premier ConferenceCam, the MeetUp, is a high-quality HD camera designed for huddle rooms. Its 120-degree field of view (FOV) and 4K optics provide exceptional image quality and audio performance. And, as with all Logitech video conferencing equipment, the MeetUp is easy to use.

You’ll be amazed by its easy setup and audio performance. Therefore the Logitech MeetUp video conferencing equipment is a complete system. It provides high-quality audio and video in a compact wall-mounted package.

The webcam has RightSight technology, which automatically adjusts the zoom and position of the camera to give you the best possible view. In addition, the MeetUp features a high-quality microphone for each participant. This makes it easy to hear the other person’s voice without a headset.

Jabra PanaCast:

Jabra Speak videoconferencing equipment enables hands-free communication and 360-degree room coverage. Also, Its camera optimizes the field of view for all participants. Jabra Speak videoconferencing equipment is ideal for training purposes and for meetings with large numbers of participants.

Among the benefits of Jabra Speak is that it is compatible with smartphones. This makes it easy to take notes and share important information. The system also has a built-in battery for up to 100 hours of continuous use. PanaCast is compatible with leading audio and video conferencing solutions.

Its plug-and-play technology ensures instant collaboration. You can simply connect the device to your existing compute unit or hub to start collaborating in minutes. The Jabra PanaCast is also compatible with all popular conferencing solutions. It will simplify your meeting setup process and increase the productivity of your team.


Logitech Icon 500:

If you’re looking for videoconferencing equipment, Logitech has the products for you. With its range of videoconferencing equipment, you can hold effective online meetings with ease and convenience. So From specialized teleconference equipment to huddle rooms, you’re sure to find the right equipment for your business.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Logitech video conferencing equipment. Also, They all provide high-quality video, audio, and PC content. Suitable for standard and large-scale video conference rooms, the Lifesize Icon 500 camera system offers breathtaking 4K content and brilliant video quality.

It has an integrated motorized pan and tilt mechanism, a 5-inch color touchscreen, and noise reduction audio. So, you can choose between a single display and multiple screens depending on your room size and how many participants you expect to have at your conference. The quality of the audio is also high.

Lifesize Icon:

For ultimate collaboration in large meeting rooms, the Lifesize Icon 600 is the ideal choice. Also, Its intuitive set-up and start-up time enable you to begin your meeting in a matter of minutes. Dual displays support in-room presentation sharing and active video participant feeds.

This feature enables face-to-face communication with your audience and colleagues. So, Its compact design allows you to conveniently fit one or two of these multifunction devices in a large meeting room. The Lifesize Icon 600 is a powerful meeting room video system that combines a full HD PTZ camera and a Lifesize touch-screen phone.

It delivers crystal clear sound and 1080p video for a richer communication experience. It seamlessly escalates from a one-to-one call to a multiparty conference. So this solution integrates with Lifesize’s cloud service to give you professional cloud video conferencing without the need for complex software.

AVer’s EVC series:

The AVer EVC series video conferencing equipment is a great way to expand your business’s video communications capabilities without breaking the bank. With a low price tag of less than $1000, AVer video conferencing equipment looks and performs like it should cost thousands of dollars.

This equipment is compatible with multiple systems and cloud-bridging services. Here’s a quick review of AVer’s videoconferencing equipment. AVer’s EVC series videoconferencing systems come equipped with a built-in meeting server. So these systems provide incredible performance in medium-sized conference rooms, board rooms, and meetings.

The EVC150’s two-megapixel camera produces 1080p30 Full HD video of those present. This video conferencing system also supports dual-screen setup and recording of meetings to flash drives. The EVC150’s wired microphone array and AES encryption provide great audio quality for your meetings. AVer’s EVC150 systems are also cloud-ready. They support H.323 and SIP communications standards, and support H.264 (HP, SVC) video codec.


Avaya video conferencing equipment provides exceptional video, audio, and data quality, along with ease of use. These systems provide 1080p video quality, harness significant power, and deliver intuitive meeting controls. Even novice users can use them easily without any training.

And, unlike other video conferencing systems, Avaya’s equipment is easy to maintain, too. This article explores how Avaya video conferencing equipment can help your business. Avaya is a leader in communication endpoints, software, and services. Their video conferencing solution is a one-stop-shop for businesses of all sizes also.


Avaya Scopia video conferencing equipment combines modern design with high-performance Full HD resolution. Also, Avaya’s Scopia video conferencing solution employs H.264 High Profile technology for quality video, even in unpredictable network environments.

The Scopia XT4200 supports 1080p video directly on HD and can deliver a connection distance of 60 feet. Avaya Scopia XT4200 also supports HD audio. Read the post till the end to get all details.

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