How to Cancel Call Forwarding on MTN Nigeria

How to Cancel Call Forwarding on MTN Nigeria?

If you are wondering how to cancel call forwarding on MTN Nigeria, read this article. It will teach you how to deactivate call forwarding and call diverting. In addition, you’ll learn how to turn off call holding. Here are a few steps to follow to deactivate call forwarding on MTN. The first step is to find out if call forwarding has been activated without your knowledge.

How to deactivate call forwarding on MTN:

If you want to turn off call forwarding on the MTN line, you need to know the ##002 code. You can use it to cancel call forwarding for free. If you have ever accidentally activated call forwarding, you’d know how to stop it. Just dial the ##002 code to confirm cancellation. This can be a tricky process if you don’t know the code or if you’re not sure whether you’ve activated it by mistake.

Call forwarding on MTN is a very useful feature, but many people are not aware of how to turn it off. It automatically forwards calls to another number, which is annoying for both the caller and the recipient. It also eats up your credit and slows down incoming calls. To make sure call forwarding is turned off, follow these simple steps. You can also call MTN customer care to deactivate the service.

After deactivating call forwarding, you can try dialing the ##002# shortcode on the SIM card that received the forwarded calls. This will clear the options for call forwarding and ensure that all future calls will be routed to the same phone number. You can also ask someone else to call your phone number and if it rings, it means that the call divert has been canceled.

How to turn off call diverting on MTN:

Call diverting is a service available on MTN phones. This allows you to divert calls to your voicemail when you are busy, or unavailable, or your line simply does not pick up. You can deactivate this service by dialing ##002# from your phone or from your computer. It is important to note that this service is free, but charges may apply depending on your destination number, MTN subscription, or rate.


How to turn off call diverting on Mtn phones is very easy. Simply dial ##002# to cancel call forwarding. You’ll be given confirmation as soon as you complete the process. If you didn’t know that your phone was set up for call forwarding, this code will allow you to disable this feature. You can even choose to turn off call forwarding on MTN Nigeria by using your shortcut code.

To turn off call diverting on MTN Nigeria, follow these steps. To do so, you must have an MTN pay as you go card. You can purchase this card from any MTN store or online. Next, you must have enough money on your card to receive voicemail service. Finally, you must create a password for your voicemail access. It must contain four digits and be remembered every time you make a phone call.

How to turn off call holding on MTN:

If you have an MTN mobile phone, you may wonder how to turn off call holding on MTN Nigeria. MTN is the fastest internet service provider in Nigeria. It has call divert codes and call hold features that you can activate or deactivate. If you need to manage missed calls, these features will come in handy. Listed below are the ways to turn off call holding on MTN Nigeria.

Call forwarding is another issue that customers face. It is a common problem for users but most of them have no idea how to activate it on their line. Call forwarding allows you to receive calls on another phone number. But, this can be quite annoying for the caller, slowing down incoming calls and wasting their credit. You can turn off call forwarding by dialing a special USSD code.

So, you can also use a special code to cancel this service. You can dial ## 002# to deactivate call forwarding. To activate call forwarding, you need to know the code. It’s free but you might incur some charges if you want to call a different number. However, the charges will be reasonable. You can also contact customer support to cancel call forwarding. Please note that you can only cancel this service if it’s free or very expensive.

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