Incoming Call Barring Code

Incoming Call Barring:

Incoming Call Barring Code is a handy feature that puts you in control of the calls you make and take. The call barring incoming calls stops your phone from receiving any call. And you can also use call barring on outgoing calls to stop the type of calls being made from your phone.

Setting up incoming call barring will stop your phone from receiving any calls. When you have set it up, you will hear a message confirming call barring is active. Call Barring allows you to stop incoming and outgoing calls on your device.

Incoming Call Barring Code:

Mostly our users search for the barring code for incoming calls or outgoing calls. Therefore we are here with this topic today Incoming Barring Code. When you cancel Call Barring, you’ll also need to enter the administrator’s PIN. You will find your PIN on the information we sent you when you joined us.


Call Barring is an option that is present in almost every Android phone. And most of the people also need its feature. But due to a lack of more information, people are deprived of using it. A code is provided for call barring so the user can get the code according to his choice. All codes are different for different calls like the call barring code is different from the outgoing code.

In this post, we provide the barring code for incoming calls barring only. So you can easily get the incoming Call Barring from this post. We provide all relevant details that a user demanded a code for an incoming call.

Incoming Call Barring code is important for those who are interested in Call Barring service. So the users can prevent incoming calls and SMS from all numbers. You can check what calls are barred on your line by calling *#34#.

Incoming Call Barring Code:

To set Call Barring for incoming calls:

  • Dial *35*0000*11#

To unblock your barring for incoming calls:

  • Dial #35*0000*11#

Incoming calls nationally:

Activate: *35*barring code#Send

Cancel: #35* barring code#Send

Check Status: *#35#Send

Incoming Calls when Roaming:

Active: *351*barring code#Send

Cancel: #351*barring code#Send

Check Status: *#351#Send



Incoming Call Barring Code is used for active the Call Barring service on your device. Many users search for this code but they didn’t find any active code for this service. In this article, we provide a complete guide about Incoming Call Barring Code. Now your search ends here because you get, what you search for.

It is cost-free you don’t need to spend single money on this service. Just read this post carefully till the end so that you get all answers to your questions. Still, you face any confusion or issue so, you are free to ask here below in the comments section.

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