How to Remove Call Time Limit in Jio

How to Remove Call Time Limit in Jio?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the time limit of your JIO calls, you may be wondering how to remove it. You can do this by simply resetting call duration logs to zero. Then, activate the Jio conference call feature. You can also delete your call logs altogether. Read the article to get information about How to Remove Call Time Limit in Jio?

If you want to continue your conversations, you must redial the number. But, before you do this, you must know that this limit is only applicable to phone calls made from JIO networks.

Resetting Call Duration Logs to Zero:

Resetting call duration logs to zero in the JIO network may not be an easy task. It’s easy to accidentally delete calls that are no longer in use, and Jio makes it difficult by deleting these call logs by mistake. To fix the problem, you should delete all the call duration logs from your device.

Jio is one of the major players in the mobile industry. The company’s rivals are also among them. However, Jio has been facing flak for their poor quality calls and poor customer service. To delete call logs, go to the Settings menu of your phone and tap on the “Calls” button.

Select a call log record and tap on it. You will see the lifetime duration, as well as call durations in different categories. If you wish to delete call logs, you can also choose to reset them to zero by selecting ‘Call logs’. Then, tap on the phone number that you want to delete to view the entire call duration logs.

Activating Jio Conference Call:

One of the most significant features of Jio is the conference call. Even though this is a great feature, it is sometimes a little frustrating to have a time limit on a call. Thankfully, there are ways to limit the number of minutes that you can talk on the conference call. By using Jio’s customer care number, you can quickly activate your conference call. You can also use this number to change the caller’s tune.

  • First of all, you need a Jio sim plan.
  • There are two plans: one with a fixed time limit, and one without one. Once you’ve purchased a plan, you’ll need to activate the conference call feature.
  • Then, enter the Jio conference call activation number into the number that will be calling you.
  • You’ll then be able to make conference calls with as many people as you’d like.
  • You’ll then see a button with three dots at the top right of your screen.
  • Click on it.
  • A new call will appear and the person on the first line will be placed on hold.
  • The other person can then select the number and be connected.
  • This process will be repeated until all calls have been completed.
  • Activate your conference call time limit by following the steps listed below.
  • You’ll receive an email notification whenever the limit is reached.

Resetting Call Duration Logs:

If you don’t know how to reset the call duration logs in JIO, you can simply follow these steps. Once you’ve done this, all of your call duration logs will be cleared. You can also clear call history by pressing the ‘back’ button in the Settings menu. In this article, we’ll explain how you can do it. After all, it’s a simple process.

Once you’ve performed the reset process, you’ll see a pop-up window asking you to grant root access to the software. After this, the software will scan through your lost data. After that, you’ll see a preview of the call history that you’ve previously deleted. Repeat these steps for each deleted call log. Then, use the same method to restore the data to your device.


After a long debate and consultations, Trai has finally made IUC zero with effect from January 2020. Its new regulations were formulated following much deliberation and consultations and the regulator has yet to make a final decision on whether to delay or remove the IUC altogether. In the meantime, Jio has to recover 6 paise per minute for off-net mobile voice calls. But Jio has a solution for this issue it should revert back to its original ring time policy.

If the problem persists, you can raise a service request to Jio and ask them to reset your call duration logs. To do this, simply sign in with your Jio ID and password. Then, select the ‘Service Request’ option from your profile name. You’ll be given a list of options, and they include an email address. When you’re satisfied, the service will be restored.

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