How to Delete Call History from iPhone

How to Delete Call History From iPhone?

You may need to delete your iPhone’s call history for several reasons. You could want to hide your calls from someone else, or you may just want to clean up your list.

Fortunately, it is easy to remove your call logs from your iPhone. All you need is a call history eraser like PanFone iOS Erase Pro. It can remove all your call histories and other data permanently so that no one can recover them ever.

How to Delete Call History on an iPhone?

If you’re looking to free up space on your iPhone or just want to remove a few calls from the list, it’s simple to do. You can delete single calls or an entire history with just a few swipes of the screen.

It’s also possible to erase call history on an iPhone if you’re concerned about privacy or security. For example, you might want to clear the call log if your partner is planning a surprise party and you don’t want them to know you called someone who used to be in their address book.

However, if you’ve deleted calls from the history and then lost them in an accident or update, you won’t be able to recover them. The only way to recover them is to restore your phone from a backup.

How to Delete Call History on an iPad?

Sometimes, you may want to clear call history on your iPad or iPhone. This can be done easily, but it can also be time-consuming depending on how many calls you need to delete.


If you’re using an iOS device, you can quickly clear a single call by simply swiping left on the phone number or contact you want to delete and then tap Delete. If you’re using a Mac, you can also delete a call by left-clicking (Control+click) the number or contact you want to delete and then click Delete.

However, if you’re looking to delete call history on an iPad or iPhone that has been factory reset, you’ll need to use a data recovery tool such as EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS. This software can help you restore lost or deleted call history from an iCloud backup and then erase them permanently on your device. It also helps you recover photos, messages, notes, videos, and other types of data.

How to Delete Call History on an iPod Touch?

When deleting call history, most Apple specialists will suggest you restore iTunes backup or iCloud backup first. However, this isn’t entirely true!

Deleted items won’t be erased from the iPhone database until they’re overwritten by new files. In this case, you can still recover them by using a data recovery tool.

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS supports three ways to retrieve deleted call history on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It allows you to choose the one that best suits your need and recover deleted call history on your device without losing other valuable content.

The first way is to use the recovery module Recover from iTunes Backup File, which can help you retrieve your deleted call history when you’ve made an iTunes backup before deleting them. Just make sure that the backup file you’re going to restore includes all the call history you need.

How to Delete Call History on a Mac?

As an Apple user, you probably use FaceTime to chat with friends and family. FaceTime is free and works seamlessly with iPhones, iPad, and Macs.

However, FaceTime also keeps a call history and syncs it across your devices. This call history can take up a lot of space on your Mac, especially if you frequently chat with different people using the app.

For this reason, you might want to clear the call history on your Mac. There are a few ways to do it, including removing specific calls or deleting all recent FaceTime calls.

One way to remove a specific call is to control-click it, and then choose Remove from Recents. You can also delete all recent FaceTime calls with a single click of the mouse.

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