How To Make Conference Call on MTN?

MTN Conference Call:

Engage in multiple phone conversations from anywhere and from any network in the world by dialing into a central number and entering a predefined PIN. With MTN Conference Call, companies, business people, academics, professionals, etc, to hold secure multiparty conversations over the phone without the need to travel. This is a free offer, which when you register for this service, and it has no limit or duration.

This service enables you to add up to five people to the same conversation. If you are an MTN PayAsGo subscription, you can be added to a conference call, but you can’t initiate one. On the MTN contract, it is available for a once-off activation fee. This gives users the ability to easily connect to have meetings and discussions in real-time without worrying about venues.

Are you looking for how to make a conference on MTN? It is possible to make a call on MTN? Yes, it is possible to make a free Conference Call on MTN for six good months. This post is based on all information and answers all your questions. Over the past years, MTN has been the most used network with its motto as “Everywhere you go” with comprehensive coverage all over the country.

MTN Magic Number offer:

MTN Akwaaba offer is also known as the MTN Magic number is an incredible offer that allows you to make a free call with a particular MTN number for a whole 6 months. This is a free offer, which when you register for this service, and it has no limit or duration. This Magic number will help you to make different calls daily nonstop. To get the Magic number offer of MTN you just need to do is that, get a registered MTN SIM card. Dial *550# and send, select 7 to choose the Magic number option, and again send. Select 1 for the free conference call offer and send. This way you can get the offer and enjoy the conference call free.

Benefits and Features of MTN Conference call:

Following all are the benefits and features of the MTN Conference.

  • No access fees, No subscription fees, No extra costs.
  • Accessible to any network subscriber, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
  • Secure conversations with a PIN-based security system.
  • Multiple access options (Internet and interactive voive response system).
  • You will save time and money that would have been otherwise spent on traval and logistics.

Unlimited Talk On MTN:

You can talk unlimited on MTN by subscribing to the MTN Magic number. This service allows you to make free and unlimited calls with your chosen MTN number. Use MTN for unlimited calls and enjoy your conference call.

How To Make Conference Call on MTN?

To make a conference call on MTN is as simple as we studied before. So here we simply discuss the steps to make a conference call on MTN.

  1. First, dial the first number and press “Hold”
  2. Then dial the second number, press “link” to connect the second call
  3. Press “Hold” again
  4. Dial the third number and press “link” to connect the third person.
  5. You can comtinue till you have added all the others to have the conference all.
  6. When all the participants join your call, so you can start to talk each others.


MTN provides different best packages to their users. The midnight bundles are the best packages when it comes to browsing at night. But the user can use this bundle at the midnight only, which we all used to believe. Many of our users want to know that can non-MTN subscribers access the MTN Conference call? So the answer is YES, anyone can schedule or join a Conference call via the MTN conference call service.

The above article is all about MTN you can use MTN for many purposes as we mention all of the above. You can freely ask more if you want to know about MTN.

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