Buy Skype Number 2022

Buy Skype Number 2022:

Today we will discuss here the Skype Number. A Skype number is a second phone number that is attached to your Skype account. This Skype account is allowing you to answer incoming calls on your Skype app anywhere. Anyone can dial your Buy Skype Number 2022 from any mobile or landline and you pick up the call on Skype.

A Skype number is a great solution for when you want to take calls through Skype. But your friends, family, or colleagues don’t use it. You simply hand out a regular phone number and the cells come through to you on Skype. Someone usually needs your username to call you on Skype.

Buy Skype Number:

Many times users search this Keyword in different ways. Like Purchase Skype number, Buy Skype number, or how to get a Skype number? Therefore we are here to guide you in detail about this topic. Users can get a Skype number from their Skype account. Many times they asked for the price of Skype number and many more. So here we are going to provide you with all the relevant details.


The cost of a Skype number subscription varies depending on which country you want the Skype number for and how long the subscription lasts (1, 3, or 12 months). Skype provides different discounts on the Skype number. You can get a discount on your Skype number when you buy a calling subscription. Just make sure your subscription is active before you buy your Skype number and you will get a 50% discount. This discount is for those who buy a Skype number for a year.

How to Check the Cost of Skype Number?

To check the cost of Skype Number, you need to do is that.

  1. Go to the Get a Skype Number page of Skype official website. You will be prompted to sign in if you are not already.
  2. Now Select the country you want the Skype Number for, and you will be given a number.
  3. Select Continue or show other local numbers to choose a different Skype number.
  4. Select a billing period to view the prices.

Skype is full of Neat Features and Tricks:

Nowadays Skype is the most demanded app due to its best features and tricks. Skype Phone Number is one of its best features and it makes the platform stand out. If you already use Skype for your personal or work life, a Skype number is a logical next step.

It is just one of the many neat features of Skype that you might not know about. Therefore it is the most demanded app in the world. Skype is still popular but has hot competition from software like Zoom.


How to Buy Skype Number?

Follow the below steps to Buy Skype Number for your Skype Account.

  1. To purchase or Buy a Skype Number, visit official website of Skype.
  2. Select the country you wish to purchase a Skype Number in.
  3. We will take you through the process of purchasing your Skype Number.
  4. You will assigned a random number from that country. You can choose to Show other local numbers from the area selected. Bear in mind that you can only choose numbers from the options given. You can not assign your own.
  5. When you are happy with the number, click Continue.
  6. Choose your payment plan and click Continue.
  7. Chose your Payment method and Click pay now.
  8. Now you can enjoy your Skype Number.


In our previous post, we provide complete details related to this topic. Purchase a Skype Number full guide, you can visit it as well. Hope that both posts make your mind to how to get Skype Number? Finally, be aware that the phone number is tied to your Skype account.

Unlike a cell number that you can transfer between providers, this is bound to Skype. Stop paying the subscription and you lose the number. Even if you make a new Skype account, you can not transfer it. For any issues, you facing you can ask in the comments section below here.

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