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What is a Dial-In Conference Call Service?

A Dial-in Conference Call is a telephone conferencing service that allows multiple participants to connect together. Seamlessly over a conference call bridge. Dial-in conference call service is also known as Local Dial-In conference. Traditional telephone access for a Dial-In conference call is by dialing a direct dial-in phone number. Which can sometimes be a phone number local to the participant.

Dial-In into a conference call provides you with an alternative method of attending an in-person meeting. When you cannot attend face-to-face, or when you do not have access to the internet. Joining the conference call via a dial-in number allows you to attend important meetings instead of missing out because you can’t access the internet on your computer or mobile device.

A dial-in conference call differs from web conferencing because you can connect via your standard business phone or mobile. Rather than via the Internet. Whereas Web conferencing allows you to join via a laptop app or a browser. The dial-in conference is made up of conference call leaders. Who hosts the meeting and any guests who are connected to the call? Dial-in conferencing is the best free service to use when you can’t attend online meetings or conference calls.


What is a Dial-In Conference Call Number?

As we discussed above what is What is Dial-In Conference Call Service? When you get all the information about the Dial-in conference call you will know about the Dial-In Conference Call number. A dial-in number is required to access a conference call. It is available when attending web conferences or simply dial-in-only calls.

When inviting your participants to join a conference call, they will get a dedicated dial-in number. To call on international conference calls, international dial-in numbers are generated. For making an international conference you need a code. An international dial-in looks like an ordinary international number with a specific country code. You can provide international conference calling without incurring expensive call charges. By using International Dial-in numbers.

To join a dial-in conference call all users are provided a dedicated dial-in number. So setting up and joining meetings is seamless. It means no requirement to book a conference space. There is no time limit on how long you have in the conference call. This is ideal for ad-hoc calls that can take varying amounts of time.

Dial-in Audio Conference Calls:

There are different ways that can be applied to make a conference call. The type of conference call is used to only listen to the meeting joiner’s voice. The simplest way of making a conference call is by adding the number of people at a similar time to send them a meeting message clearly.

A dial-in audio conference call is a simple offline call that can be connected without having any internet connection. Dial a number and add more participants to the call to make it a conference.

When should you use dial-in audio conference calls?

You can always use conference calling in every field of life. There is no wrong time to use a dial-in conference call. Many times, you may prefer to join a meeting via web conferencing or video conferencing since they have the added benefit of advanced features. Like screen sharing (When the timing and internet access permit).

There are many benefits of Audio Dial-in conference calls. It is most appropriate to use a dial-in conference call when you are facing issues of no internet access. OR poor internet access etc. There are some benefits of audio dial-in conference calls.

Benefits of Audio Dial-In Conference Call:

  • You can use Audio Dial-in Conference Call when you have no internet access as well.
  • Poor internet access.
  • When you are likely to move away from your desk or internet connection (and take your phone with you).
  • If you are joining call hands-free in your car.
  • Invite your participants who are not used to video conferences or online meetings.
  • When no video conferencing or web conferencing service is available.
  • For broadcast audio announcements where only one person will be speaking.

How does a Dial-In conference call work?

You can connect through your desktop apps, mobile apps, or a Dial-In conference. When joining a conference call. The option to dial in is perfect for when you can’t access your app or online link. When hosting scheduled meetings, you are usually offered several options to join the meeting. If you are in an app, you can join with one click.

If you don’t have the option to join from a link, a dial-in number and access code are typically provided. In scheduled meetings, be sure to include your dial-in conferencing options to ensure all participants are able to join your conference. In dial-in conference calls, all participants are assigned a phone number. This can be dialed from any business phone system, landline, or mobile phone.

An automated message asks you to enter an access code, which is included in your meeting invite. You can not hear hold music until you wait to be admitted into the conference call. Once more than one person joined via dial-in conference call. But you can still benefit from features like call recording when enabled by the host.


Participants connected to video conference calls and audio conference calls online should be able to use all the features available. As we mentioned above all about the Dial-in conference call. Now you can easily differentiate between a Conference call and a Dial-in conference call. Keep visiting our website for more updates about the conference call. Mention your queries in the comments section if you want to get more about the conference call.

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