Skype Support Email

Skype Support Email:

This is a very confusing question asked by all Skype users every time. As we know that we all are login skype with an email address. Skype supports a phone number by which all are connected to each other. Skype can be an invaluable tool for calling, chatting, and video conferencing with your colleagues and business contacts.

Unfortunately, if you have got a lot of Google contacts, there is no quick and easy way to import them into Skype. While there are workaround and a Google-provided Skype alternative, Skype offers no option to import contacts directly from Gmail.


Want to contact Skype Support:

If you want to contact Skype support by email, follow these tips. First, do not reply to the email and do not click on any links or attachments. Secondly, do not open any attachments. You will be wasting your time, and you might end up deleting the entire file. Third, do not click on any links in the email. It is best to reply by phone or online chat. These methods are not reliable, and the message will get lost in the spam filter.

Contact your Customer Service:

To contact Skype customer service via email, you must sign into your account. Login to your account, and click on the “Contact us” button. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign in with your email address. To sign in using your email, enter the alias name that you created in Step 2. You can also disable this feature by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the login page.


You can also search for people on Skype using their phone numbers. So, you can also try typing their email address to find them. If you don’t know the name of the person, you can try searching by phone number to find the right person to help you. In the event that you can’t find the person you’re looking for, you can also look for their Skype username. This way, you’ll be able to see if the person you’re searching for is available.

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