Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages

Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages is the method of visual communication in which face-to-face, live communication takes place without requiring any transportation. It is no longer something only corporations can afford. With teaching costs dropping, almost any company has the opportunity to leverage this collaboration tool.

Video conferencing has become an indispensable daily business tool for more of us. Looking back, it feels like it happened almost overnight. Video conferencing solutions provide a live, visual connection between two or more people who are usually located in separate locations. The purpose of live video conferencing Services is essential to emulate face-to-face conversations over the internet. Depending on the live video conferencing vendors.

The solutions can range from very simple solutions to really complex and powerful solutions. The most basic solutions usually provide transmission of basic static images and audio over the internet. At its best, live video conferencing solutions are sophisticated systems. That provides real-time communication using live HD video, high-quality audio, and tons of collaborative features. Here below we share Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages in complete detail for you.

Advantages of Video Conferencing:

As you can imagine, there are a lot of advantages for corporates. When they use the services of live video conferencing companies. Let’s take a look at some of the significant. And prominent benefits of using video conferencing tools for communication and collaboration. So there are many Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages but we share advantages here below.


Saves time and resources:

For any business to run properly, it is important for efficient and effective communication to exist in the organization. In the earlier days, the only way different offices could communicate effectively was by having meetings together, which required the employees to travel a lot.

While conference calls were a possibility even in those days. It is not as effective as live video conferencing services these days. By providing a cheaper and more effective way of communication. Video conferencing tools save a lot of time and resources for the company.

Increases productivity of the employees:

Live video conferencing companies and video conferencing service providers have made internal communication easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. Due to video conferencing tools, anyone or any team in the entire organization can communicate with any other team or employee. This instantaneous and effortless communication has effects that carry over into the productivity and performance of the employee.

By using the services of video conferencing companies, most businesses are not only improving their overall internal communication. But are also increasing the productivity of each employee in the organization.

It has a lot of intangible benefits too:

Along with increasing the productivity of the organization in general. Live conferencing tools also have a lot of intangible benefits for any organization such as a strong sense of community. Due to the personal face-to-face conversation instead of only hearing the voice of the person, they’re communicating with.

Increased savings:

Before the COVID 19 pandemic, many organizations had significant annual budgets for travel to conferences. Other business and branch offices while business travel hasn’t disappeared forever. Pandemic restrictions forced organizations to meet with clients and hold conferences virtually which video conferencing software enabled. Most organizations likely saved their conferencing.

Video conferencing improves collaboration and communication:

The convenience of setting up a meeting, along with the possibility to share screens, send files, and use digital whiteboards supports teamwork and communication. Since everyone on the meeting is sitting behind their computer, collaboration on shared documents and processes is easier in video conferencing than in an office setting.

Video conferencing improves productivity:

This one is closely tied with the previous advantages. The virtual meetings are easily organized ad hoc to discuss work and solve issues without delay. The convenience of video conferencing has helped companies take down silos and foster communication between teams and departments. The video conferencing result is saving 90 respondents, as projects are finished faster, thanks to more efficient collaboration.

Video conferencing reduces your carbon footprint:

In2019, Americans took a staggering 464 million domestic business trips. Knowing that a single roundtrip from NYC to San Francisco amounts to 1.16 tons of Co2 per person, video conferencing is an easy contribution to your company’s sustainability goals.

Video conferencing facilitates global business:

Video conferencing has made the world much smaller and more manageable. Having an immediate audiovisual connection from your office desk with a client or partner at the other end of the world, with the possibility to share documents and screens is a game charge for global business.

Video conferencing makes for happier employees:

According to the CNBC Workplace happiness survey, 44% of Americans are happier with their job since they started working remotely 49% feel the same. HR departments know this very well and have made remote work a part of their employee retention and hiring strategy. Video conferencing is the main enable of remote work.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing:


Video conferencing feels less personal and human:

The lack of real-life interaction is perhaps the biggest drawback of video conferencing. Having all your communications with clients and colleagues through video conferencing can become isolating. That’s why we’re big proponents of the hybrid workplace. Working remotely but coming into the office on a weekly basis makes for a healthier balance.

Video Conferencing relies on technology:

The technology can suffer from malfunctions. Between software, hardware, and internet connections, there’s a lot that can go wrong. And not everyone has the tech-savviness to deal with these issues. To put things in perspective, people would face more potential issues in the absence of video conferencing, not in the least commute-related issues like traffic jams or strikes.

Video conferencing can be problematic between certain time zones:

Traveling a meeting overseas, meant moving into the same time zone as your meeting partners. No issue there. But with video conferencing, you need to compromise and work at less comfortable hours to enable the meeting. However, this is still a minor inconvenience compared to the hassle of traveling to your meeting.

Video conferencing can cause fatigue:

  This issue has been highly publicized. It can get tiring staring at your thumbnail and talking to a screen. Setting up a video conference is so easy that many overdo it and hold unnecessary meetings that could have easily been an email.

Does the high initial setup cost?

During our research on this topic, most articles that we came across mentioned the high initial setup cost of video conferencing. We found that quite odd. The cost of video conferencing software per host per month, combined with the one-time purchase of meeting room hardware is only a fraction of a company’s yearly budget for business travel and accommodation.

How to Overcome the Disadvantages of Video Conferencing:


Pretty much anything under the sun has its advantages and disadvantages. Video conferencing is no exception. And that’s ok. With all the benefits we get from video conferencing. We accept the disadvantages with a smile but a few best practices will help minimize those disadvantages.

For issues like corporate information security, lagging and downtime, available features, compatibility and interoperability, et cetera, the solution boil down to the video conferencing platform your company is using. For such a crucial tool to the daily operations of an enterprise, only a robust and reliable video conferencing solution should be considered.


In the above post, we provide complete detail of Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages. So now you can read this post till the end to get all points.

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