Cisco Video Conference Room Kit

What’s So Great About the Cisco Video Conference Room Kit?

If you want to get your hands on a high-quality video conferencing system for your business, you can’t go wrong with the Cisco video conference Room Kit. You can enjoy the latest video technology and collaboration tools, including the ability to use Microsoft Teams.

Cisco is also known for its expertise in collaboration, and this is evident in the new CS-KIT-K9 video conference system. However, you may still be wondering what’s so great about this product. Here are some of its advantages:

Samsung’s display technology:

By integrating the latest Samsung and Cisco display technology in their video collaboration solutions, meeting leaders can create the modern meeting space of their dreams. Today’s meeting leaders cannot afford to spend precious time figuring out meeting technology. So, Cisco and Samsung solutions eliminate these obstacles by providing an intuitive operational flow.

Samsung and Cisco video collaboration solutions are designed to enhance the meeting experience and foster a dynamic and clear content exchange. This is not the only benefit Samsung’s display technology brings to the video conferencing industry.

Features of Samsung’s display technology:

Combining Samsung’s display technology with Cisco’s advanced meeting solution, the Cisco Webex on Display provides a more intuitive meeting experience and intelligent collaboration. The new collaboration solution integrates Samsung Smart Signage, an innovative way to connect multiple meeting rooms through one product.

  • Samsung displays feature Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which automates display settings.
  • Also, Samsung and Cisco solutions are compatible with Webex Room Kits and deliver superior color and resolution.
  • With Webex on Display, users can enjoy 4K visuals with no compromise. Samsung’s under-scan handling technology automatically adjusts the screen to match the content and environment.

The Samsung QMR Series offers up to 64 billion shades of color to produce picture-perfect results. The Samsung QMR display is fully compatible with Cisco’s video conference room kit, which integrates the camera, codec, speakers, microphones, and audio. So this solution offers crystal clear picture quality with zero glare, enabling users to enjoy the content in full glory. The Cisco video conference room kit is designed for collaboration and offers a wide range of video conferencing solutions.


Cisco’s expertise in collaboration:

With the increasing importance of collaboration in the workplace, companies need solutions that make it easier to create, share and contribute from anywhere, at any time. Collaboration solutions from Cisco include Webex, UCaaS, and more. They can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, which makes the transition easier.

Collaboration solutions also help identify sales opportunities, so partners can position themselves better against the competition. Collaboration is a strategic priority for any business, and Cisco’s collaboration offerings can help organizations realize their full potential.

Features of Cisco’s expertise in collaboration:

The first interactive display in Cisco’s enhanced Webex room kit series, the Flip 65, will be available later this year. Cisco has integrated advanced collaboration features into the Flip 65, including facial recognition, people awareness, and noise detection. The company’s expertise in collaboration and Samsung’s SMART signage technologies will help organizations transform their meeting spaces.

In addition, Cisco is partnering with Samsung, a global company that offers Webex services. The curriculum for collaboration training from Cisco designs to prepare you to design, configure, and engineer collaboration solutions. Cisco collaboration training curriculum aligned with the skills and knowledge requirements of today’s highly in-demand collaboration professionals.

Cisco collaboration training prepares IT professionals for roles in enterprise collaboration environments and small to medium business environments. And with Cisco certification, you’ll enjoy the career growth opportunities that come with it. This is not to say that you can’t work without Cisco collaboration training – it’s just that you’ll need to have a solid foundation in IT to help you succeed.

Cisco’s expertise in collaboration with Microsoft Teams:

A recent announcement from Microsoft and Cisco further cements the two companies’ collaboration relationship. Webex video devices can now connect to Microsoft Teams meeting services. Cisco also plans to introduce an interop solution that will be certified as a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop offering.

Teams users can also join Webex meetings with their SIP video conferencing devices. Combined, these two solutions can offer businesses a modern, streamlined workplace environment. Meanwhile, Microsoft recently expanded its collaboration capabilities through Teams, with the aim of better arming frontline workers. As Microsoft pushes the collaboration platform deeper into the Office 365 suite, Cisco has responded with its own initiative to digitize first-line workers.


Cisco is taking full advantage of its endpoint technology innovation and hardware expertise to bring Teams to enterprises and government organizations. By collaborating with Microsoft, Cisco will be able to provide an improved room-based collaboration solution that will compete with the likes of Zoom.

Teams solutions were sold by both Microsoft and Cisco as part of comprehensive UC experiences. Teams are part of Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity plan, while Cisco’s Webex calling and meeting services also support it.

While other collaboration tools, such as Slack and Workplace by Facebook, have emerged as competitive alternatives, Cisco and Webex take a more comprehensive view of collaboration than their rivals. Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, however, do have a clear advantage in terms of ease of use and integration, while Slack and Facebook do not.

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