How to Make Conference Call On Mobile (2022 Full Guide)

Mobile Conference Call:

All about the conference call is to know how we can be connected with our loved ones. There are many ways to connect but a conference call is the most reliable, easy, and cheap way to connect. A conference call on a Mobile is quite simple, as a two-line phone, can support up to five participants in a conference. As well as another call on the other line.

Conducting a Conference call is very similar to an Android or iPhone. The major difference is the terminology and icons. Whether you prefer connecting from your Android System or Mobile phone vast conference delivers an exceptional meeting experience on any handheld mobile phone or tablet.


Because convenience is the key to starting or joining a meeting with just one click. Situations arise where you will need to speak to multiple people located for and wide at the same time. This is when a conference call becomes your new best friend. But it is possible to start a call from your regular mobile device.

In this article, we will discuss conference call-in details and their features. Also how to make a conference call on Mobile. When and how to participate using a mobile device and how to keep it professional.

Features of Mobile Conference Call:

Following are the best feature of a Mobile Conference Call.

Video Conferencing:

Mobile conference call provides the feature of video conference call as well. Now meet face-to-face no matter where you are.

Screen Sharing:

With the help of a Mobile phone, you can get the best feature of conference calls. Share content with meeting participants right from your mobile phone.

Call Management:

See who is on the call, send files and chat one on one or with the whole group. Call management is also the best feature of Mobile calls.

Calendar Integrations:

Schedule and send invites with Google or Office 365. And set meeting reminders. This way you can easily in touch with all participants.

Virtual Background:

On-the-go meetings are the perfect opportunity to add a virtual background to your video call.


How to Make Conference Call On Mobile?

  1. Dial the first person you want to invite to do the conference call.
  2. After the call is connected, tap the “Add call” or +icon on the left of your screen.
  3. Dial or select the next person from your contact list.
  4. Tap the “MargeCalls” icon (An arrow with two tails) to join the three parties on one line.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to add more meeting participants.
  6. Once you are in the conference call you can select the “Drop” button on the right of each caller’s ID t remove them from the call.


For a Mobile conference call, you can download Apps from the Play Store for making the best conference call. These apps allow more than five participants to join a conference call. Large businesses use these Apps for conference calls. These apps are Zoom, RingCentral, WebMeeting, etc. We already provide the complete detail for these apps in our previous post. Go and visit these posts for more information.

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