Skype Screen Sharing

How to Use Skype Screen Sharing for Other Devices?

This article will discuss how to use Skype Screen Sharing for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and other devices. Before you begin, be sure to clean up any file transfers and open the Skype window in question. Skype will use a lot of system resources, so make sure to clear those files and your system before you begin. Also, keep in mind that Skype may experience problems if your system is experiencing any server issues. Luckily, there’s a quick fix for that.


When you use Skype to make calls, you can share your screen with the other person, including your desktop, audio, and various displays. Skype allows you to choose the screen to share, as well as turn on computer sound.

  • To begin screen sharing, you must first be in a voice call with the other person.
  • After selecting the screen you’d like to share, click the Start sharing button.
  • Once the screen is shared, Skype will highlight the area with a red line.

If screen sharing does not work, your video may be blurry, black, or frozen. To resolve this, you can try rolling back your graphics driver or restarting your computer. If both users are experiencing the problem, try enabling Remote Desktop Protocol and turning off VSS.


If none of these methods work, contact Skype support for help. Sometimes, it may take some time before the problem goes away. If you do encounter freezing or black screen sharing, restart your computer and try again.


If you want to share your screen with others, Skype Screen Sharing for Mac is a convenient solution. The application features a button at the bottom of the window, with two overlapping triangles.

  • To share your screen, click this button, and then select your desired destination.
  • You should be prompted to allow Skype to record your screen and audio.
  • If you want to share your audio, make sure the volume is turned down.
  • A yellow border will appear around the shared screen.

Besides, screen sharing is an excellent feature for communication apps, but there are some drawbacks. Some users have complained that screen sharing causes their Macs to run hot and slowly. A slow internet connection can also slow your Mac.

If you are using a slow Internet connection, screen sharing may be a problem. It may be the case that your Mac is already running too long, and it can’t handle the extra load.


Once you’ve downloaded the free Skype Screen Sharing for iPhone app, you can use it to share your iPhone screen with another person.

  • The app will display a red banner to remind you to share your screen. But if you want to turn it off, simply close the window and tap “Stop Sharing” to end the screen-sharing session.
  • Once you’ve shared your iPhone screen, you can continue chatting or navigating to other applications.
  • To enable screen sharing, you must first make a video or audio call with the other person.
  • Once the other person joins the call, the screen will be displayed.
  • The video or audio broadcasts alongside the audio. You can also use screen sharing to call contacts and share photos.

The app is compatible with iOS 12 or higher, iPhone 6s, iPad mini 2019, and iPod Touch 7th generation. You can also share your PC’s screen or other screens with your iPhone using the Skype application.


Other Devices:

Using Skype Screen Sharing for other devices is as easy as tapping a button on your phone. If you have the latest version of the app, screen sharing will work on your iPhone X and iPad. But if you have an older model of the iPhone with a physical home button, you can’t share your screen.

But there’s no need to worry, you can still share your screen with other Skype users! The feature works on most devices. Using Skype, make a video or audio call. When the other party accepts, the screen will be broadcast to him or her.


The procedure is the same across all platforms, but you need to follow the instructions specific to your device. After this, you can share the screen with your contact, allowing you to see what they are doing on the other end. This feature also makes it easy to perform presentations or other work-related tasks.

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