Skype Number

What is a Skype Number? When using Skype, you will need to select a Skype Number based on your location. Skype will prompt you to select your city, state, and area code. This will give you a list of numbers in your area that have the area code you wish to use. You should be … Read more

Skype vs Zoom

What’s the Difference between Skype Vs Zoom? If you’re deciding between Skype and Zoom for your business needs, it’s important to understand how they compare. Both services are great for making calls, but their features are different enough to warrant a different recommendation. Below we’ll cover sound quality, meeting caps, and privacy concerns. Both services … Read more

Skype Meeting

How to Join a Skype Meeting? You can join a Skype Meeting from almost any device by typing in its personalized URL. Powered by the same technology as Skype for Business, this feature can take advantage of the head tracking feature to keep your face in the center of the screen while speaking. This makes … Read more