Why My Whatsapp Photos Are Not Showing in Gallery Android

Why My Whatsapp Photos Are Not Showing in Gallery Android?

Guiding Tech is a reliable source of mobile phone tips and tricks that empower users to tackle their problems independently. This guide contains proven solutions to WhatsApp photos not showing in gallery Android issues.

Several factors may cause this issue. Among them, a lack of storage space, incorrect settings, and outdated apps are the most common causes.

1. Corrupted Cache:

This error usually happens due to a corrupted cache, which can cause WhatsApp media files to fail to download properly. The easiest way to fix this is by clearing the cache and restarting your phone. This will also help you get rid of any minor glitches that may be affecting the functionality of your WhatsApp.

Another possible reason for WhatsApp media files not showing in your Gallery is that you have hidden them from view using the “Media Visibility” feature. You can unhide old media files from WhatsApp by launching the file manager/explorer app on your Android device and checking the “WhatsApp Images” folder.

Finally, if your gallery isn’t working due to lack of storage. You can try freeing up space on your device by deleting old messages and media files or cleaning up your iCloud/Google Drive account. You can also try reinstalling your WhatsApp to see if this fixes the problem.

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2. Insufficient Storage:

One of the great things about smartphones is that you can instantly share pictures from your device with friends and family via various messaging apps. WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, makes this easy with its built-in sharing options. However, sometimes you may encounter problems with the app, especially if you are not sure how to manage its storage settings.

This error can be caused by several factors, from corrupted cache to incorrect permissions. In this case, it is important to fix these issues to ensure that the WhatsApp app is functioning properly.


To resolve this issue, you should first ensure that your device has enough storage space to save the images you receive. This can be done by deleting unwanted apps, photos, and messages to free up space. Once you have enough space, you can then try again to download the photos from WhatsApp.

You should also make sure that the WhatsApp media auto-download setting is enabled. To do this, open the WhatsApp app and tap three dots at the top of the screen to open the menu. From here, you can select Settings and then Chats. Once you have done this, you can then toggle the Media Visibility feature.

While this is not the most common solution for the WhatsApp Photos Not Showing in Gallery Android problem, it can be a quick and easy fix. If you are still unable to view your WhatsApp media, it is recommended that you contact a professional support team for additional help.

3. Lack of Permission:

If you have the Media Visibility settings enabled, photos and videos that you receive on WhatsApp will automatically download to your phone’s gallery. This way, they’re visible in your file manager/explorer app, even if the original Chats containing them are deleted.

If WhatsApp isn’t downloading media files to your gallery, it may be because the file format is incompatible with your device’s gallery app. To resolve this issue, you can change the file format to one supported by your gallery app.

Another possible reason for this issue is that the media files are being saved in a folder that’s hidden by default. If this is the case, you’ll need to manually unhide the folder and delete the. no media file within it (and any sent and private folders as well).

Lastly, you should also check whether the auto-download setting for individual users or groups is disabled. To do so, open the WhatsApp application, tap the three-dot icon on the top right corner, and select Settings from the menu that appears. Then, tap on the name of the user or group to access the extra setting for them, and enable the Media Visibility option if it’s not already. Alternatively, you can also revoke the permission for WhatsApp to access your files anytime you want by going into your device’s app settings and finding the app’s Permissions section.

4. Outdated App:

Aside from facilitating text and voice/video calls, WhatsApp also makes it convenient for users to share photos and videos with their contacts. However, sometimes media files sent via WhatsApp are not saved in the device’s gallery app or are unable to be accessed for some reason. This is a frustrating issue that can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience for many users.

There are a few powerful solutions to this problem that can be easily implemented by users without the need for technical support. These solutions range from clearing the app cache to checking permission and ensuring sufficient storage space. In addition, the user can also try updating the app to resolve the issue.

One other potential cause of the issue is that the WhatsApp image folder may be hidden from the phone’s gallery app. To fix this, the user can open the file manager/explorer app on their device and search for a folder that contains the name ‘WhatsApp Images’. If the folder is found, the user can simply move it to the gallery app to make it visible.

Another potential cause of the issue is that the WhatsApp app may need to be updated. This is because WhatsApp often updates to improve security and functionality. Sometimes, these updates can cause the app to malfunction and result in lost data, including pictures. Therefore, the user can try to update the WhatsApp app to resolve the issue.

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