Problems With Free Conference Call Services

Problems With Free Conference Call Services:

When joining online meetings, you don’t expect complications to come up until it’s too late. Common issues that happen when joining a conference call lead to a lot of wasted time and an unproductive meeting. If you want to get the most out of your meetings, you want to take a proactive approach to your conferences and take precautions that will help you escape the drawbacks of failed equipment or circumvent a difficult situation. Read more to know about Problems With Free Conference Call Services.

Using a free conference call service can be a huge security risk for many users. When hosting a live call there are not many ways to tell who is dialing and how secure your conference call actually is. Having a premium and reliable conference call service, such as CIA Omnigage allow the business to host a productive call experience.

Our customers sometimes ask if we use one specific conference call service to get the best quality conference call recording. The answer is both yes and no. There are several problems with free conference call services, and some can affect the quality of your recording.


What are the Problems with Free Conference Call Services?

It is one of the most common problems in the Android operating system. Usually, when you open an app, you will see a black screen for a few seconds and then the app will crash with or without an error message. Here below we mention the problems with free Conference Call Services.

  1. Many providers move the Dial-in number from city to city. Most likely because they are chasing the cheapest rates on their end. This means that your permanent dial-in number is not so permanent after all.
  2. Free Conference call services use toll numbers. So you and your participants will pay long-distance charges for the duration of the call.
  3. A big limitation is the feature set.
  4. Just about all of them charge excessively for anything other than a simple conference call. That means they are expecting you to upgrade when you figure out that the service is not really free.
  5. Many times the call quality is poor. Conference bridge quality can be good, or not so good.

Premium Conference Calling Provider:

Overall, free conference calling services do not provide top-level customer service, security, and level of quality. That many premium users in need of CIA Omnigage offer top-end security features that make sure any sensitive information is safe and not heard by any unapproved participants.

Advance Sound Quality on Conference Calls:

Lastly, sound quality is a huge issue for free conference calling services and is a top complaint from participants. CIA Omnigage’s advanced technology offers crystal clear lines that have made us the choice of Fortune 500 companies for more than 23 years.

Video Lagging and Audio cutting put:

Video lag, glitchy audio, and poor image resolution are bad Wi-fi connections. If you don’t have a strong internet connection, you might be forced to exit the conference call entirely.


A conference call echo is typically caused when multiple participants have speaker mode on. As a result, it sounds like the speaker is saying everything twice. A very common issue when it comes to joining a meeting is experiencing an echo when multiple devices are connected to the same conference in the same room.

You will notice that when you have two or more devices. Each device will pick up on the sounds from one another. And continue to generate incoherent noise as the echo bounces from one device to the next.


Background noise:

When you work remotely at home or in a public space there’s bound to be noise around you. From a neighbor firing up their lawnmower to a barista grinding coffee beans, these noises can distract everyone. on the call from what you’re doing.

Unreliable call services:

At times it can be difficult to hear others during your online meeting. Your conference can be riddled with choppy audio and video streams that are highly pixilated. Whether it is due to unreliable internet or lackluster phone coverage, you may experience a suboptimal conference that leaves you more confused than when it started.

To avoid issues like unreliable call service, if you want to be insecure you’re close to a reliable wifi service that enables high-speed connectivity. If you’re using you’re phone to connect to calls, you want to make sure you’re on a reliable network and in an area where your service covers.

Failed Equipment:

Ever hop on a conference call only to realize your microphone or video conferencing equipment isn’t working?

When joining meetings for the first time equipment can malfunction. It’s very important to review conferencing technology beforehand to prevent any issues from arising when the meeting beings.


So there you have it, the biggest problems with free conference call services. Have you had an experience with a free conference call company-good, bad or indifferent? You can share with us your story also here below. So we will try to tell you about the basic problem due to which you face that situation.

Here above we provide a complete detail about Problems With Free Conference Call Services. After a careful reading of this topic, you will come to know the Problems With Free Conference Call Services. Also, you will be careful next time before using any free conference call service. Problems With Free Conference Call Services are best for use but sometimes users face some problems related to them.

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