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How to Get in Touch With the o2 Live Chat Link Customer Support Team:

Currently, O2 does not offer customer support through Whatsapp. However, customers can still get in touch with their live chat support agents. Generally, the customer care team of O2 is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. Here are some helpful tips for contacting O2 customer care. Read on to learn more about live chat support and how you can use it to resolve your issues.

Visual IVR:

One of the key features of the Visual IVR on the o2 Live Chat link is that it helps in guiding inbound callers to web-based voice and visual support. Visual IVR enables companies to better manage call volumes and free live chat agents for more pressing customer queries. It can also help companies save time and resources by resolving problems in the first instance.

According to a survey by Microsoft, 85% of customers expect to have self-service options available on the company’s website. Furthermore, live chat is the second most used channel for US consumers. However, despite its numerous advantages, the use of Visual IVR is not advisable for every company.

Although it is a great addition to small businesses, many customers are more comfortable with the traditional IVR experience. Receiving an SMS link to a web form does not feel completely organic. For this reason, many businesses continue to use traditional IVR systems in addition to the Visual IVR. However, these systems are complementary to each other.

BT Wireless:

If you are looking to contact customer service at BT, the best way to do so is via the company’s live chat service. BT has customer service representatives on hand to answer all your questions about the phone, broadband, mobile, and television services. They are also experts in global IT networks.

If you have questions about your current service or need to change your billing details, you can use the BT Live chat service. Simply find the BT Web Chat option at the bottom of the page, and you’ll be able to speak to a representative.



You can reach customer service agents at O2 through live chat. Live chat agents are readily available for your questions about your account, billing, products, and technical support. To start using the live chat, click the “Live Chat” button at the top-left corner of the page. Your questions will be answered immediately by an agent.

You can also leave feedback and share tips. You can find out more about the O2 live chat feature at their website. O2 began implementing self-service channels to reduce its reliance on agents. It reduced calls from more than one million per week to four50,000. O2 had four big contact centers and multiple outsourced partners and too many agents standing by.

O2 wanted to free up its agents to handle more complex queries, introduce automated ways to handle general inquiries, and improve efficiency. By integrating self-service options, O2 has saved more than a million hours per week.


The company has partnered with Bouygues Telecom in France since 2011, where the two companies offer global telecommunication services packages to multinational companies. In June 2015, the joint venture company created Telefonica Global Solutions France, with its own sales and marketing team.

Both companies offer the same service packages, so they are equally competitive. In addition, Telefonica Germany has its own broadband network, as does Bouygues Telecom.


O2 is the principal commercial brand of Telefonica UK Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Spanish telecoms group. The company provides 2G, 3G, and Wifi services in the UK. Additionally, it offers a live chat link to its customer service agents.

Customers can use the live chat to ask questions and obtain answers to common concerns. To use the live chat feature, simply log into your account and type in your desired question or concern.

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