Globfone (Call Services)

What is Globfone?

If you’ve been wondering what Globfone is all about, this article is for you. Globfone is a free messaging app that offers several features that you may find useful. It is also a great choice if you’d like to make free video calls, share P2P files, or send free text messages. If you’re wondering what it can do for you, read on! We’ve listed some of the benefits of Globfone (Call Services) below.

Features of Globfone:

Here below we write the main features of Globfone for our users. So go through the complete guide of features of Globfone now.

It’s a Free Online Calling Service:

The website offers a number of features, including free calls, text messages, file sharing, and video chat. Unlike traditional phone services, Globfone does not require you to download any software or register to use it. You can simply log in and start making calls. You can dial any number for free, including mobile numbers. To do so, simply enter the numbers on the dial screen and click the green handset.


Once you’ve signed up for Globfone, you can begin making calls. Whether you’re calling a friend in Nigeria or in another country, you can make a call for free. You can make calls to any number in the world, as long as the phone number you’re using is valid in the country where you’re calling. The free calling service also offers unlimited calls within 24 hours and is perfect for those who are short on time.

It’s a P2P File-Sharing Service:

Globfone is a state-of-the-art web application that offers free international phone calls, text messages, and video calls. The service is SAFE and easy to use, and it doesn’t require special software or a complicated registration process. In addition, you can send and receive files from multiple devices. Read on to learn more about this service. This article is written by a professional software engineer with experience in using P2P file-sharing networks.

This service allows users to share files across the internet. Users connect to other users through usernames and send files to one another. Unlike other P2P file-sharing services, this one does not store files on its server. This means that all types of files can be shared with other users. And because it is free, it is also compatible with all file formats. However, it is important to note that Globfone’s free services are not for everyone.

It’s a Video Chat Service:

In order to make use of the video chat service, users must first register using their name. You don’t need to create an account to use the service, but you must grant access to the camera and microphone. Once you’ve done this, you can click “Connect” to begin the video call. Once connected, you can see the other person and start chatting. It only takes a few seconds to get started with Globfone, but you must allow the video chat service to record your call.

Globfone lets you make free video calls to other users in your area. All you need is a WebRTC browser to access Globfone, which is supported by most browsers. Once you sign up, you will notice advertisements on the video chat service. These ads help keep the service free, so it is a good idea to install a WebRTC browser if you’re not already using it.

It allows you to Send Free Text Messages:

Whether you’re in the Philippines or another country, Globfone can make communication possible no matter how far you are apart. Not only can you connect with your loved ones, but you can also communicate with colleagues and friends across the globe. You can send free text messages and talk on the phone without the cost of data. Read on to discover how Globfone works and why it’s so popular among Filipinos.



If you’re wondering how to send free text messages and phone calls, Globfone provides detailed instructions. The service is compatible with 90% of mobile networks worldwide and doesn’t add any ads. Once you install the Java SE browser plug-in, you can send free text messages and calls without spending a penny.

There’s no need to register or create an account. The service is also free and offers a fair use policy, which limits the number of texts and calls you can send each day. Now you can use this free service anywhere anytime.

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