Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus – The Latest in Video Conferencing:

Previously known as the Cisco Spark Room Plus, the Cisco WebexTM Room Kit Plus delivers the most advanced audio and video experience available. It offers new capabilities including smarter room integration and presentation capabilities. With the new Webex Room Kit Plus, medium-sized rooms can now enjoy the full power of video. Here are some of the key features of this new version:

Cloud registration:

If you’re looking for a powerful video endpoint that is easy to use, reliable, and manages itself centrally, then the new Room Kit Plus is right for you. With its built-in hardware codecs, powerful video features, and competitive pricing, it’s easy to see why so many enterprises have adopted this new video endpoint. And now, thanks to cloud registration, you can easily set up the same video experience on any device from anywhere.

  • To start the registration process, you’ll need to enable web engine settings on your Webex device.
  • This will allow your browser to control the device and join the meeting directly.
  • Ensure that the time zone on the device matches the time zone on your Cisco Webex Cloud registration.
  • You will also need to make sure that your proxy server and network allow access to Appspace.
  • You can check whether your device supports WebRTC by selecting it from the Settings menu.

4K content:

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus is the latest in video conferencing technology, with capabilities to support up to three screens, dual content sources, and wireless sharing. Also, It features a 4K whiteboard, which lets users connect and interact with others in stunning quality. And, it includes AI capabilities, including people counting and presence detection.


It even has the ability to personalize the meeting by detecting who is speaking and where they are located. Featuring an industry-leading audio and video experience, the Webex Room Kit Pro PTZ 4K Integrator Bundle is ideal for large, custom video rooms, classroom theaters, and vertical applications.

It has an HDMI loop and supports up to three displays. The new Room Kit Pro PTZ 4K can be registered on-premises or to Webex’s cloud service. Combined with the Cisco Room Navigator, this bundle lets you control a single room, or create multi-room collaboration.

Automatic framing:

When you want to integrate powerful collaboration features into your meeting rooms, you can look no further than the new Webex Room Kit Plus. This kit combines the performance of a Cisco Webex room codec with the versatility of a built-in camera. With automatic noise suppression and automatic framing, this kit provides a great audio experience. And, since it’s able to detect meeting participants automatically, you can even use it as a security feature, with no additional setup required.

Also, with the Room Kit Plus, you can fully utilize large meeting rooms. The unit’s stylish design brings flat panel screens to life. It supports up to 14 participants and features speaker tracking and intelligent auto-framing. These features help make your meetings as productive as possible. And you can count the number of participants and add annotations from anywhere on the globe with a click of your finger. Automatic framing with Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus makes it easier for your participants to see you and the meeting at the same time.

Wireless sharing:

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus wireless sharing solution is the perfect choice for medium-sized meeting rooms with up to 14 participants. Also, Its quad-camera bar and powerful codec combine to offer a great video and audio experience. Built-in microphones and speakers allow the room kit to enhance the audio and video quality of the meeting. It can cover a nine-meter room with its 83-deg Field of View camera.

The Webex Room Kit Plus wireless sharing solution also features a camera, codec, and speakers for enhanced audio and video quality. It is designed for medium to large meeting rooms and comes with two-screen capabilities. It includes wireless sharing and supports 4K content. Its USB passthrough feature supports interoperability with any cloud service provider. You can register Webex Room Kits to use them in both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Suggested resale price:

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus is a powerful collaboration solution that integrates with flat-panel displays. This kit is registered on-premises or in the cloud and delivers unmatched audio and video experiences. So It enables smarter meetings and presentations and removes barriers to the deployment of video in medium-sized rooms. So, It comes with a three-month manufacturer’s warranty. Here are some important facts about the Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus:

The room kit is comprised of powerful codecs and a quad-camera bar with integrated speakers and microphones. So, the product can accommodate up to 14 participants. It also has advanced camera technologies such as speaker tracking and auto-framing. It is scalable for any conference room. Its suggested resale price is $1495. This package is also recommended for small-to-medium rooms.

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