Video Conference System for Conference Room

Video Conferencing Kits For Conference Rooms:

Avaya XT5000, Polycom CX5100, Logitech MeetUp, AVer EVC950, and TrueConf Group offer all-in-one video conferencing kits for conference rooms. TrueConf Group 116L endpoints with a capture card, Logitech Rally Plus conference system. Read the complete article to get information on Video Conference System for Conference Room.

Samson 6100MA conference system with S6050D microphones, and Shure Microflex Complete Wireless conferencing system. In addition, conference systems provide auto-tracking speakers and direct PTZ cameras to the active microphone consoles.

Avaya XT5000:

The Avaya XT5000 video collaboration system combines conference room capability with a suite of video and audio-based features. It supports both full video and audio, with content-sharing options. Its dual HD feeds deliver clear, crisp images at 60 frames per second to make sure each person has a superior viewing experience.

With a flexible open architecture, the XT5000 is easily integrated with other AV and IT systems and can work with existing video conferencing and telepresence systems. The XT5000 features dual 1080p/60fps video and HD audio. The system can support up to nine participants.

The dual-screen format and HD audio enable multi-party collaboration with no compromises. The device’s hybrid architecture with powerful video accelerator components lowers power consumption. It supports panoramic layouts to enable traditional video systems to integrate with immersive telepresence applications.

Polycom CX5100:

The Polycom CX5100 is a full HD video conferencing system that offers 360-degree panorama and voice capabilities. With its intuitive design and plug-and-play functionality, anyone with Microsoft Lync can use the system to start sharing voice and 360-degree video.

It also comes with a power data box that plugs directly into a USB port. Its easy deployment and use mean that anyone can set up and start using the system without any white-glove support. The CX5100 Unified Conference Station integrates with a tabletop console and power data box to give users an integrated experience.

It supports Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync to enable easy conference collaboration. It uses advanced technology to enhance the user experience and seamlessly track the conversation flow. The simple setup process ensures that the Polycom CX5100 Unified Conference Station is easy to use and requires little training.

Logitech MeetUp:

Logitech MeetUp is the premier ConferenceCam for huddle rooms, with an incredible 120-degree field of view (FOV) and 4K optics. Its outstanding audio performance makes it an excellent choice for conference rooms. It works well in both private and shared conference rooms and is easy to use and set up.

The MeetUp video conferencing system for conference rooms includes the MeetUp Camera and the Logitech MeetUp Audio & Video System. The Logitech MeetUp video conferencing system has an audio component that is built into the mic, which is connected to the main speaker and the microphone.

The camera features an x5 zoom that minimizes background distractions. It also features a wide field of view that allows it to be heard from across the room. The microphone is also equipped with an RF remote control and a multi-directional mic.

AVer EVC950:

The AVer EVC950 video conferencing system offers two-way audio and smooth video streaming. Its powerful features help businesses with multiple locations share content, record video conferences and collaborate on the same document. It also supports the simultaneous connection of two screens and four microphones.


Its easy-to-use interface and streamlined setup make it ideal for any conference room or boardroom. This video conferencing system is compatible with many other brands and is ideal for smaller business environments.

The AVer EVC950 is designed to work with multiple screens at the same time. It has a high-definition resolution of 1080p and provides a cost-effective solution for connecting up to ten locations. In addition, it supports video conferencing with mobile phones and tablets using AVer’s mobility software. The AVer EVC950 video conferencing system is suitable for use in conference rooms and boardrooms.


A professional PTZOptics video conferencing system can deliver an image better than a built-in webcam or an inexpensive conference camera. Its optical module produces sharp images throughout the entire conference room, and the image processing it offers includes auto-focus, white balance, noise reduction, and backlight compensation.

Another benefit is its flexibility to place the camera in far-off locations and its remote-controlled PTZ lens. The Cam520 combines a professional camera, speaker, and microphone. With 120-degree wide angles, this camera allows participants to hear one another clearly.

It is equipped with an RS-232 port for easy camera operation with an innovative AV control panel. It also includes a high-quality microphone that eliminates echo and other distracting sounds. And, the Zoom H4n features a patented Acoustic Echo Canceller that eliminates echo and noise while still providing crystal-clear video.

Konftel OCC Hub:

The Konftel OCC Hub is the heart of your video conferencing solution. Also, It plugs into your conference room screen and speakerphone via a USB connection. The OCC Hub supports Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) and works with most modern versions of Windows.

A speakerphone with an award-winning design, the OCC Hub offers remarkable sound quality. Using your laptop in a conference room is now possible with this convenient video conferencing system. So, It combines the power of a traditional conference room system with the flexibility of an IP-based video conferencing solution.


So With four beamforming digital microphones, this system produces balanced conversations. OmniSound technology helps eliminate noise and echo while reducing background noise. In addition, you can easily connect your laptop, PC, or smartphone to the OCC Hub using Bluetooth connectivity. Its intuitive controls make it easy to install and use, and it even includes a built-in SD card.

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