Cisco Video Conferencing System Price in Pakistan

Cisco Video Conferencing System Price in Pakistan:

With the advancement of technology, it has become possible to communicate with people who live at a distance. Earlier, communication between two people required both time and energy. Distance is a barrier to further development.

It creates a gap in workflow efficiency, and uncontrollable situations can lead to a delay. However, today, video conferencing has proved to be the best solution to these problems. Various brands have launched their video conferencing systems, and now, they are available in Pakistan.

Benefits of Cisco Webex video conferencing system:

The benefits of a Cisco Webex video conferencing system are numerous. One of these is the fact that it is compatible with a variety of platforms. The web conferencing system is compatible with a number of other platforms as well, such as Skype for Business, and it can even connect to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

The hardware and software that are required are listed in the product package’s specifications table. The system supports live transcoding, which creates additional bitrates without a broadcaster. Live transcoding helps prevent network congestion and keeps bandwidth usage at a minimum.

Live streams can be sent to multiple sites in different time zones, which is crucial for effective communication. The Webex platform supports multi-site operations, as well. It also integrates with IBM Watson Media and enables live video streaming.

Support Shared Whiteboards:

Cisco Webex video conferencing systems support shared whiteboards and provide a variety of other features. A 55-inch or 70-inch interactive whiteboard is also available. Content can be shared in the cloud and accessed from the virtual workspace within the Webex Teams app. Cisco Webex also supports a hybrid media service called Video Mesh, which allows local users to stay on-premises while pushing them to the cloud.

A Webex video conferencing system also supports a range of other applications and services. Webex Meetings, for example, can support events with 3,000 or more participants. Webex Training and Webex Webcasting both support on-site and online training sessions. In addition, Webex Meetings can also support video conferencing and automatic queuing, a feature that can help facilitate meetings.

Face-to-face video conferencing allows:


With the ability to meet face-to-face, video conferencing allows business leaders to save money on travel expenses. This technology eliminates the need for official travel across the country. This also saves time and energy for employees. Working around the clock is difficult and requires constant commitment. Video conferencing solutions can help alleviate the burden of sleepless nights.

Proactive understands the pain of sleepless nights and provides solutions to make it possible for users to join a conference straight from their desktop. By connecting with other professionals, users can easily meet customers without spending time on travel.

Cost of Cisco Webex video conferencing system:

For any educational institution, increasing enrollment is an ongoing challenge. The implementation of video conferencing solutions has helped them achieve this goal. Amtech Systems, a leading provider of video conferencing solutions in Pakistan, offers a wide variety of products and services, including cloud video conferencing, boardroom video conferencing, and webinar solutions.

Their cost-effective solutions have led to increased enrollment and are now being adopted by more educational institutions. Amtech Systems recently installed video conferencing devices throughout Pakistan and saw an incredible 38% increase in student enrollment.

Cisco Webex Meetings is compatible:

Cisco Webex Meetings is compatible with many open-standard video conferencing systems. It makes it easy to organize meetings from anywhere, including on mobile devices. Participants receive a unique link that enables them to join the meeting via any device.

Cisco Webex Meetings runs on a cloud-based service delivery platform, resulting in easy deployment and automatic upgrades. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, Google Calendar, and more. The cost of a Cisco Webex video conferencing system is largely dependent on your location and the needs of your team. In Pakistan, a cost-effective video conferencing system is worth its weight in gold.

By using the system, your team can collaborate with ease and ensure the best possible communication experience. In addition to cost, the flexibility offered by video conferencing makes it an ideal solution for remote working. Its robust security features include encryption chats, meeting passwords, and admin controls that enable you to monitor who is attending your meetings.


While you should make sure that your network is properly configured for video conferencing, it is also advisable to configure the media ports for audio and video. Most of the Webex services use UDP, but some use TCP. You should consult your manufacturer’s recommendations or deployment guide for the proper ports to open. Once your network is ready for Webex, you can begin establishing your video conferencing infrastructure.

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