Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

The Touch 10 Controls All Cisco Webex Room Kits:

The Touch 10 controls all Cisco Webex video room kits, including the popular Room Kit Pro camera array. In this article, you’ll learn about the room kit’s advanced features, including a camera array and Inclusive language. In addition, you’ll discover how to install and manage your camera array, so you can easily manage your room video collaboration room. And, don’t forget about the powerful media engine included with Room Kit Pro!

Touch 10 controls all Cisco Webex video room kits:

The Touch 10 is a single control unit for the Cisco Webex Room series and Board video conferencing devices. It is a compact, 10″ capacitive touchscreen panel that is propped up on a folding stand. Its unique design provides an intuitive experience that helps users easily navigate a video system or a conference room environment. It also features customizable icons and settings for different video room kits and environments.

The Touch 10 interface is the same on all video room kits, providing a consistent end-user experience across units. All Touch 10 buttons are easy to use and provide the same experience for participants. A white, brushed aluminum design keeps the unit’s sleek appearance unobtrusive. The Touch 10’s advanced features also include smart views and a fingerprint-resistant surface. The Touch 10 has an incorporated camera and microphones, allowing multiple participants to share content.

Room Kit Plus camera array:

The Webex Room Kit Plus includes a PTZ 4K Camera with a powerful zoom, noise-free pan-tilt, and crystal-clear close-ups. It can be registered on-premises or in the cloud. It works well with room sizes of up to 14 participants. Its built-in speakers make it easy to hear participants during the meeting. With a variety of camera options, the Webex Room Kit Plus can meet the needs of small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

The Room Kit Mini comes with a 120-degree field of view and a built-in microphone array. It has a port for Touch 10, network connectivity, and POE, as well as a USB connection. The touch-screen controls are easy to use and provide a consistent user interface. It also has an on-off switch and power connection. It comes with an integrated codec so participants can connect their own laptops or mobile devices.


Intelligent video:

The new Webex Room Kit Pro from Cisco brings two breakthrough innovations to collaboration spaces: intelligent video and more displays. This kit can turn any display into a video conferencing system, whether it’s installed on-premises or in the cloud.

It also features a discreet camera, noise suppression, and presence-sensing systems. You can even control the kit with your personal device. Cisco is paving the way for intelligent video and displays. The mini-version Room Kit Mini offers an industry-leading collaboration experience for huddle spaces and corporate boardrooms.

The device is easy to deploy and provides management capabilities. Its intuitive user interface allows users to control the device from anywhere. The mini-version is compatible with both on-premises and cloud-based Webex software. It is affordable enough to fit into any budget. The Room Kit Mini supports video conferencing software from many different vendors, including Adobe Connect.

Inclusive language:

In a recent announcement, Cisco announced that the company had expanded its language library from 10 to 100. This feature enables users to easily understand and participate in meetings in a variety of languages, including those of a global workforce.

Users can also use social accounts for account recovery and quick sign-up. In addition, users will be able to select spoken language transcription when using the virtual background on their iPhone. Cisco is a global leader in technology and inspires innovation, transforming infrastructure to enable teams to achieve greater success.


The Webex Room Kit is a powerful collaboration platform for small and medium-sized rooms, including custom-built rooms. With the ability to register both on-premises and in the cloud, this powerful collaboration solution delivers unmatched video and audio experiences and enables smarter meetings and presentations.

In addition, it also removes many of the barriers associated with the deployment of video in small and medium rooms. Its innovative design makes it easy to add new features and functionality, such as wireless sharing and 4K content.

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