All in One Video Conference System

All in One Video Conference System:

Are you looking for an All in one Video Conference System? Then you are in luck. We’ve compiled a list of top options for you, ranging from the Poly EagleEye to the Avaya XT5000. In this article, we’ll explain how each system works and what you can expect from each. You can also read our review of each product to find out more about what it can do.

Creston Mercury:

With the Crestron Mercury, you can hold a video meeting from anywhere in the world without a lot of hassle. This all-in-one video conference system connects you to your meeting participants via Bluetooth. You can also use your existing hardware to connect to the system. The Mercury looks like a modern conference phone with a touch screen to control the features. For an in-depth overview of all of its features, read on.

The Crestron Mercury is part of the M-Series, which is known as the “core” of modern meeting spaces. This advanced video collaboration system comes with four 360-degree-array microphones and a 4K resolution camera. It is a perfect choice for executive offices and meeting rooms because it allows up to 20 participants to participate at one time. It’s easy to set up, too, with features like auto-zoom and one-touch meeting join.

Poly EagleEye:

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video conferencing solution, you’ve probably heard of the Poly EagleEye all-in-one video conference system. While it isn’t as powerful as an on-site video conferencing system, it does have a number of features that make it a great value.

Whether you’re looking for a way to expand your video conferencing capability or you just want to upgrade your system, Polycom EagleEye cameras are a great choice. Whether you’re looking for a compact solution or a fully-featured video conferencing system, you’ll find plenty of options to fit your budget.


The X30 and X50 video bars are designed to be versatile and affordable. Making it easy to manage your video conferencing system. And since they are cloud-based, users can use a variety of video collaboration software with ease. You can use the Zoom Room Controller app to schedule meetings and monitor other users’ activity. The X50 also includes a camera and microphone. A Poly EagleEye all-in-one video conference system includes a camera, a speaker, a microphone, and a room controller.

Avaya XT5000:

The Avaya XT5000 all-in-one video conference system delivers exceptional audio and video quality and a versatile workspace. It also includes an award-winning iPad and iPhone application, allowing you to control the device through a simple, user-friendly interface. The sleek hardware design of the XT5000 is easy to use and adds to the overall user-friendliness of the system.

Its innovative features are designed to complement today’s conference rooms and are a perfect fit for businesses. The Avaya XT5000 all-in-one video conferencing system offers impressive performance and flexibility for demanding conferencing applications. Its dual 1080p 60fps video channels deliver a crystal-clear video experience.

The Avaya XT5000 also supports H.264 High Profile, SVC, and embedded nine-way multiparty MCU. The XT5000 Room System offers both embedded multi-party conferencing and dedicated multipoint collaboration capabilities, allowing you to hold multiple meetings at the same time without any interference.

TrueConf Group:

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video conference system, look no further. TrueConf Group’s premise-based endpoint ensures safe data transfer in intra-corporate environments. Its special algorithms detect and neutralize malicious attacks on video conferencing systems, protecting confidential data and preventing system crashes.

With this robust technology, you can be confident that your team will remain safe and productive, even when geographically dispersed. The TrueConf Group video conferencing set is ready-to-use for meeting rooms with up to eight participants.

It includes a capture card, a TrueConf 1010U PTZ camera with 10x zoom, USB 3.0 support, and a Phoenix Audio Spider speakerphone. Its user interface is user-friendly, allowing employees to join meetings from anywhere in the world without needing to download any software.

Jabra PanaCast:

The Jabra PanaCast all-in-one video conference system is a plug-and-play device that uses three 13-megapixel cameras for a more natural look. It uses real-time video stitching and patented real-time video recording to provide a crystal-clear image in any lighting conditions.

It is the ideal partner for Jabra Speak audio, providing a high-quality video experience in varying lighting conditions. The Jabra PanaCast is compatible with most audio and video conferencing solutions, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of settings.

The device is easy to use, thanks to plug-and-play technology that lets users collaborate immediately. Users can easily set up their conference rooms and connect their Jabra PanaCast with the Jabra Speak software, which can then use in meetings and training sessions.

Huawei TE30:

The Huawei TE30 all-in-one video conference systems are compact and feature high-definition (HD) video conferencing endpoints. They support advanced features such as intelligent voice dialing, H.264 High Profile, Video Motion Enhancement, and Low-Bandwidth Dual 1080p video.

The device also features built-in Wi-Fi and IPv4 and IPv6 support and comes with an API for integration and customization. Besides supporting IP-based networks, the TE30 equips with a wireless microphone. It also offers air content sharing and supports multiple picture-in-picture options.

This video conferencing system also supports a wide range of network protocols including DHCP, HTTPS, RTCP, ARP, and SIP. The TE30 can operate in temperatures between -5 degrees celsius and 45 degrees celsius with a humidity level between 10% and 95%.

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