How to Check International Roaming Balance in Airtel

How to Check International Roaming Balance in Airtel?

Checking your Airtel balance is a great way to stay on top of your mobile usage. There are several ways to do so, including through the Airtel app and USSD codes. So, read more to get information on this How to Check International Roaming Balance in Airtel?

International roaming can be expensive, especially without a bundled amount of data. Airtel has rolled out new IR packs that aim to ease travel and make it more affordable.


If you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to make sure your international roaming is activated in advance. This way, you’ll avoid unexpected charges and be able to use your phone without worry. Activating your international roaming is a simple process that can be completed through the Airtel Thanks app or the official website.

To activate your international roaming, first, you need to ensure that your Airtel mobile number is valid and active. You can check the status of your phone on the telco’s website or by calling customer support. Once your number is verified, you can log in to the Airtel self-care website. The dashboard on the site will display all of your prepaid and postpaid balances, including your data balance. You can also access a list of all of your Airtel services, which is helpful for staying up to date on your plan usage.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your Airtel international roaming pack is active. This is essential for both prepaid and postpaid users, as it will help you stay connected throughout your trip. You can check the status of your IR pack by visiting the Airtel Thanks app or calling 121 or 99100-99100 (toll-free). If you’re traveling to a country with high data costs, it’s a good idea to get an IR bundle that will save you money.

Airtel Offers:

Airtel offers a variety of IR packs that are tailored to different travel needs. Whether you’re looking for more data, voice minutes, or validity, there’s a package that’s right for you. Once you’ve found the perfect IR pack for your trip, you can recharge it using the Airtel Thanks app or the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform.

Once you’ve reached the end of your IR pack’s data, you can deactivate it by following the same procedure as you did to activate it. This will help you prevent unwanted charges from over-usage and ensure that your data is used efficiently while you’re abroad.


Checking your balance is a simple and convenient way to keep up with your spending habits and track your usage. By monitoring your balance, you can minimize unnecessary spending and make the most of your prepaid and postpaid plans. Whether you check your balance through the Airtel app, USSD codes, or by calling customer service, it’s important to keep a close eye on your spending to avoid surprises.


International Roaming is an excellent feature that allows you to use your mobile phone while traveling abroad. This feature can be useful if you want to stay connected with friends and family, or even if you need to make important business calls. However, it can be costly if you don’t have a good roaming plan. That’s why Airtel has introduced a range of International Roaming plans and packs that are designed to suit different types of trips.

Airtel has made it easier to manage your international roaming balance and avoid excess charges by providing a self-care website and a free Airtel thanks app. The Airtel Thanks app is available to prepaid customers, and it gives you complete control of your data usage while overseas. It will also show you how much you’ve used and give you an estimate of your remaining data. It’s easy to activate a new international roaming pack through this app, and it can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

When you’re on an international trip, you can use your Airtel prepaid or postpaid sim to call, text, and email at low rates. But, if you’re not careful with your data usage, you could run out of balance very quickly. That’s why you should always check your balance before using your phone while roaming.

International Roaming Packs:

To ensure you’re able to enjoy your travel without worrying about the cost of your phone usage. It is recommended that you buy an Airtel international roaming pack before you leave for your trip. These packs offer a set amount of data and talk time to be used during your trip. And you can activate them before you depart for your destination. These plans can help you stay connected while on the road. And they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you’re planning to go on a long vacation or study abroad. It’s essential that you have an international roaming plan. Otherwise, you might be hit with hefty data and voice charges that can be quite expensive. Airtel has introduced several IR packs to meet the needs of various travelers. So it’s worth checking them out to see which one suits your trip.

Whether you’re an avid traveler or a frequent flyer. An international roaming plan is essential to keep in touch with loved ones back home. The Airtel IR plan is easy to activate. And it can save you a lot of money in international roaming costs. You can purchase an international roaming pack from the Airtel website or through the Thanks app. The process is simple and straightforward. And the telco has plenty of advertising and marketing campaigns to get the word out about its offerings.

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