Video Conference System in Pakistan

Video Conference System in Pakistan:

If you are looking for the best Video Conference System in Pakistan, read this article. It will provide you with information on Amtech Systems, Logitech Group Cam Video and Audio, Mansha Brothers, and the NT90-LT01 series. Read on to learn more about these brands and the benefits they offer. Here are some of the benefits of each brand. They can help you decide which one is the best for your needs. There are a lot of options available in the market.

Amtech Systems:

Amtech Systems is one of the leading IT distributors in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the UAE. With 8 offices nationwide and 800 corporate clients, the company has gained the status of the leading high-end, cost-effective technology provider in the country. It is a partner of Polycom and offers high-quality video conferencing solutions. Learn more about the company and its video conferencing solutions. You’ll be impressed by Amtech Systems’ commitment to providing the best video conferencing solutions.

Amtech Systems is one of the largest distributors of video conference solutions in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They offer video conference solutions from leading brands, as well as comprehensive pre-sales services. Whether you’re looking to improve the way you work or save time in the office, Amtech Systems has a solution that will meet your needs. In Pakistan, it’s no surprise that Amtech Systems holds 62% of the video conferencing market.

Logitech Group Cam Video and Audio:

So, the Logitech GROUP cam video and audio conference system has all-in-one features such as a camera and speakerphone. The camera shoots video in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. The microphone is equipped with noise-canceling technology and features a full-duplex speakerphone that captures high-definition audio. The Logitech Group has also improved the firmware to make the unit work even better.

The GROUP Cam is the perfect choice for businesses that require quality video and audio. This system is remarkably affordable and easy to use – it’s as easy to operate as an office chair. It supports up to 20 people and is compatible with USB plug-and-play connectivity. So, the GROUP Cam delivers HD video and remarkably clear audio and is equipped with advanced features such as dual audio outputs and an expandable microphone system.


Mansha Brothers:

If you’re looking for a video conference system in Pakistan, look no further than Mansha Brothers. So, they are the only Polycom gold partner company in Pakistan and are here to help you connect with your customers and business partners in an affordable, crystal-clear way. This is a great option for any small business or home office. It also makes a great gift for any business owner looking to connect with customers and employees around the world.

Logitech NT90-LT01 series:

NT90-LT01 series is a split-type HD video conference terminal with high-definition support for H.265 technology, ultra-low bandwidth, and 4K video effects. So, it is equipped with various audio and video interfaces and is suitable for different meeting applications. So, it is highly efficient and meets all the demands of everyday applications. You can use it to conduct meetings and other corporate activities.

NT90-LT02 series:

The NT90-LT02 series video conference terminal is a split-type HD video conference terminal that supports H.265 technology, ultra-low bandwidth, and 4K video effects. It comes with various audio and video interfaces for multiple meeting applications. It is highly efficient and meets the requirements of daily application needs. In addition, it comes with a variety of features. In Pakistan, it is available in many types, including a wireless version, a wired version, and a mobile version.

NT90-LT01 series:

So, the NT90-LT01 series video conference systems offer split-type HD video conferencing terminals that support H.265 and ultra-low bandwidth technologies, along with 4K video effects. So, the systems are suitable for small and medium meeting applications and are highly efficient and feature-rich. Moreover, they offer convenience to users, since they dock with Cisco brand docking stations. So, you can enjoy the same high-quality video experience in both small and large-scale meeting rooms.

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