Polycom Video Conferencing Setup

Polycom Video Conferencing Setup Guide:

If you are looking for a video conferencing setup guide for your Polycom equipment, you have come to the right place. We’ll go over the G7500 Series, Lifesize, 8300 Trio, and more! So follow along and learn how to set up your video conferencing equipment quickly and easily. If you’re not sure where to start, our video conferencing guide will walk you through the process step by step.


Lifesize video conferencing setup can use in a wide variety of settings. With Lifesize, you can have one-on-one video meetings with your team. You can share your entire screen or just one application, and this solution is easy to use. All you need to do is plug and play.

Whether you want to set up your video conference with friends and family, or you need to hold an important meeting with the entire company, Lifesize video conferencing setup can help you get the most out of your meeting.

  • Lifesize’s video conferencing setup is easy to use and works with many different software applications.
  • It is compatible with most video conferencing platforms and is compatible with many of Lifesize’s other products.
  • In addition, it’s compatible with several platforms, including Macs, PCs, and iOS and Android phones.
  • Aside from its easy operation, the Lifesize video conferencing setup is also compatible with a variety of different operating systems.

8300 Trio:

  • You can use the Polycom 8300 Trio to create video meetings from anywhere.
  • This device is equipped with an ethernet cord and a power adapter.
  • Once connected, the unit will automatically boot up and assume a local IP address.
  • Once set up, the next step is provisioning and establishing your meeting.
  • Afterward, you’ll want to install Zoom Rooms software.
  • To do this, follow these simple instructions.

The Polycom 8300 Trio is a powerful video conferencing system that turns small meeting rooms into collaboration zones. This model supports high-quality audio and video and is Skype for Business certified. Users can use the phone with their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones to view conference content and share documents. The Trio 8300 NR also supports BYOD, or bring your own device, to access conference features and content.


G7500 Series:

The Polycom G7500 Series Videoconferencing system is a premium solution that provides both audio and video quality. Its versatile features include a microphone/speaker device that can be used with RingCentral Rooms, IP Table microphones, and EagleEye IV cameras.

The device also supports Polycom’s proprietary NoiseBlockAI technology, which reduces ambient noise and enhances collaboration. The G7500 supports legacy Polycom interfaces, so it will work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. The Polycom G7500 Series is designed to place content at the center of any meeting, ensuring that everyone can participate.

It can also be set up to display two streams of content at once, providing a more immersive experience for both participants. The G7500 supports digital whiteboarding, content annotation, and rich audio for a clear, lifelike picture. The Poly Microphone IP Adapter is compatible with existing Polycom microphones, as well as RealPresence Group and SoundStructure mics.

8800 Trio:

When it comes to video conference setup, Polycom 8800 Trio is a good choice for the average user. With its advanced features, it can act as a controller, speaker, and microphone. This device can connect to the RingCentral Meetings Rooms system and can provide itself as a server.

It is also compatible with Bluetooth, USB, and PC connections. Here are some tips to start. The Trio 8800 IP conference phone comes with impressive features that help make it easy for users to set up and operate.

The Trio 8800 offers room-filling audio and mics that can capture every word. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which can help you connect with other devices in the room or on a personal level. For video conferencing, 8800 Trio is Wi-Fi-enable and can daisy-chain up to three devices.

Shure Microflex wireless gooseneck microphones:

One recent installation was a new set of Shure Microflex wireless gooseneck microphones in the faculty conference room of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. So the university purchased 31 channels of Shure wireless microphones. Shure manufactures a variety of wireless microphone options, including the rechargeable MXW8 Wireless Gooseneck base transmitter and 15-inch Microflex Gooseneck microphones.

It also offers MXW1 Bodypack transmitters for standing presenters, which provides excellent speech reinforcement. The system is complete with a networked charging station, access point transceiver, and audio network interfaces. Shure Microflex Wireless microphones are now installed in a faculty conference room, a crucial collaboration area.

Shure Microflex Wireless Gooseneck Microphones operate in 1.9GHz, which avoids the congested spectrum and reduces interference caused by the dominating wireless frequencies on university campuses. Additionally, Microflex Wireless features an automated frequency coordination feature, which is useful for meeting rooms with multiple microphone channels. Its lightweight design and paintable cover make it ideal for use in the classroom or conference room.

Shure Microflex wireless conference system:

A new collaboration between Polycom and Shure has made it possible to integrate wireless microphones with Polycom equipment. Shure, a leading manufacturer of audio electronics, has teamed up with Polycom, a global leader in unified communications and collaboration.

With the partnership, Shure is providing innovative audio solutions for Polycom’s videoconferencing platform, including the Group Series and HDX systems. This collaboration solution extends Polycom’s open standards-based video collaboration solutions to the market.


Its network of partner companies includes ISVs, solution advisors, integrators, and service providers who help customers solve their most complex challenges with UC&C. Polycom’s partner network addresses the multifaceted needs of organizations in different industries.

Also, Its video collaboration products improve productivity, engagement, and time-to-market. Also, it addresses complex issues related to business continuity and unique applications in various industries.

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