Skype Alternative Landline Calls

Skype Alternative Landline Calls:

Using a Skype alternative for landline calls can be a great way to save money on calls while staying in touch with friends and family. While Skype may seem like the obvious choice, there are many other good options available. These include ooVoo and Viber. Both offer free calls to landlines and mobiles and feature many other cool features, including chat options, video capabilities, photo sharing, maps, and games.

Anveo Communicator:

Choosing a Skype alternative is a good way to cut costs while providing quality video and audio calls. There are several options to choose from, including video and audio chat, voice calls, and desktop sharing. Some of them also offer business-grade XMPP-based instant messaging (IM), voicemail, and the ability to monitor employee calls.

Jami is another Skype alternative that’s free to use. Previously known as Ring, Jami offers a professional user interface that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers direct calling services and has a secure connection to servers. Other features include HD video calling, text messaging, voice messaging, and file sharing. Jami is free to download, and its software can be customized.

Viber is another Skype alternative that offers free voice and video calls. It also lets you make international calls from your desktop and domestic landlines. In addition, you can send files and images and keep updated with news. You’ll also need a working cell phone number to use the service.


As an eco-friendly virtual conference calling service, Crewdle is one of the most impressive Skype alternatives. It offers high-quality voice and video calling, as well as secure end-to-end encryption. The service is also incredibly simple to use and has great customer support. It also offers a host of advanced features for excellent video conferencing.

Skype is an open-source application that lets you connect with others through your internet connection. It also lets you share your screen, encrypts calls, and record calls. You can also send and receive instant messages. Unfortunately, it supports only desktops, but support for smartphones is in the works.

VOXOX is another great Skype alternative that is ideal for business users. It offers free calls to other VOXOX users and low rates for landlines and mobile numbers. It also offers business-grade XMPP-based IM and voicemail, as well as the ability to monitor employee calls.



A Skype alternative, LetsBrik connects landline and mobile devices without the need to install an app on your phone or desktop computer. All you need is a web browser to use the service. You can use LetsBrik to make calls to any country in the world, and you don’t have to worry about setting up multiple accounts. As a bonus, it’s free and offers cheap international calls.

Another Skype alternative is VOXOX. This service offers free calls to other VOXOX users and cheap rates to landlines and mobile numbers. It also offers free call forwarding and text messaging and supports up to 37 languages. It also has dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

If you’d rather use a Skype alternative that doesn’t cost a fortune, ooVoo is one of the best options available. It offers high-quality voice and video calling, along with messaging and photo-sharing. Users can also watch videos from YouTube on the app.

Google Voice:

With Google Voice, you can make Skype alternative landline calls from your computer or mobile phone. It’s a popular option for startups and small businesses. You can also use Google Voice with G Suite to integrate your mobile phone and G Suite applications. To learn more about Google Voice, visit the website.

Google Voice provides cheap domestic and international calling rates, and the free version of the app will allow you to make calls to any phone number in the U.S. The program is also compatible with Skype, allowing you to make Skype calls for free. You’ll only need to pay a single dollar or less per call to a landline number.


Google Voice has some limitations, though. For example, it can’t handle emergency calls that contain seven digits. Additionally, it’s not available in all countries. And, there’s a risk of scammers using Google Voice to get your personal information. You might also have your number banned from the service without your knowledge.

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